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Childhood thanksgiving day memories in honor of SS

#216141 1 year, 11 months ago
Would love to hear others too. This ranks with Christmas as one of my 2 fave holidays. Anyway, when I was a kid from the ages of about 5 to 15 we would travel to Westfield NJ to visit my Great Uncle Shelley Shelton and fam ( my great aunt Phyliss and cousin Lori). Each Thanksgiving day we would start by going to the annual Westfield-Plainfield high school football game (huge riivalry game going back like a 100 years). We'd then retire to uncle Shelleys house ( yes Shelley used to be a mans name). Uncle Shelley was a WW2 combat fighter pilot... and he'd enjoy his cocktails. I would sit enthralled at his stories... he was superhuman to a small kid..and he was funny as hell. If you know folks from that generation many were great storytellers and charismatic. They grew up with no TV or computer & they were skilled at the art of conversation. Anyway, after grace he would always make his famous proclamation "Eat Slowly and Eat A lot!!!"with great fanfare... as the night wore on all of the adults were getting their pickle on ..but when he was .. I don't know how to say it but he was ON!!! A one man entertainment/comedian/machine... and he would good naturedly (sp?) rip on the other adults to the great amusement of the kids. Anyway Uncle Shelley the world is a less great place with you gone ( and all the other adults who were present no longer with us Mom, Dad, and Aunt Phyliss)...oh and he'd kill me if I didn't mention he was the die hardest of die hard Ohio State fan ( his alma mater)... it was the same yr after yr... I could not wait for Thanksgiving.. so lets here yours!
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