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Re: sleeper of spring 2011? sunday listenin'

#215623 1 year, 11 months ago
Mark- Love your avatar! I wish I had a shirt like that to wear on thankgiving.
And I'm going to sit right here until I die
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Re: sleeper of spring 2011? sunday listenin'

#215627 1 year, 11 months ago
teafortexas wrote:
WITS, TIW > Does it seem strange to you that you are consistently in the middle of the crap that gets created on this board? It should because it tells me what everyone here already knows.

Nobody is above reproach here but most try not to get confrontational with everything that gets said. You obviously don't like the sensibilities on this board because they don't fit your MO. WLewis has had your back more than most here and you still take the opportunity to shit on him.

There is a place for everyone here as long as that person maintains some level of civility. But your goal doesn't seem to be a contributing member of this community. You are a taker. Go ahead and tell me all about your the miracles you've kicked down, all the people you've helped when times got tough, and your children that are all gifted because of your considerable guidance and intellectual prowess. All of it means nothing to me if all you do is just suck the energy out of this place and cast a pall over the wonderful vibe that many people look to create and maintain.

Take a long, hard look in the mirror my friend. You take - period. Start giving or go somewhere else.

Beautiful. First I have never addressed you. Let me try to explain something to you. I never take the first shot. Go back and reread the thread. Wlewis started the shit Sorry I am not gonna sit back and take shit from him ,you or anyone else. As far as giving I won't mention names but I have sold NYE tix for below face... and overnighted them at my expense, I have sent a brand new unopened DVD to another person here amongst other things. That said I don't have to prove myself to anyone. I've lived it. This lil post GD board is a source of great amusement to me... it is like a 3rd grade schoolyard. I really appreciate the entertainment..... some folks who actually read my posts know I have NEVER attacked anyone who hasn't thrown a first "cyber" punch. I also am not afraid to take unpopular positions..like I think Mountains of the Moon blows. The only thing I'm taking from here is laughs at how a lil clique of supposed adults think they can actually cyber bully someone. Guess what this is a public forum. It is not owned by any poster here.... just because someone has 17,000 posts doesn't mean it is their board. I personally think thats a sign of someone who has no life and find it sad. Hmm and you may wanna look no further than ( I think its still on page 1) the heads up I gave to folks regarding crossfire hurricane. I got quite a few "Thank yous" I also find it hilarious that the same three or 4 people like every post their friends make. If you don't like what I post don't read it. I focus my posts on music and opinion... you may wanna go back and read the Capitol theater thread... I made a comment ... relating to the capitol that the 70 shows are hotter than the 71's.... and well you read it someone takes it personal. Lastly you make alot of judgements about me that are so false as to be laughable. I don't want to start any type of "issue" with you even though you took a shot at me when I never addressed you. I'll take the high road...as I can direct you to some other threads where I was attacked unprovocked and was thanked by others for taking the high road. But rest assured, I will be attacked again unprovoked and will respond again... now I ask you a ?..what have you contributed to this board ( like it means anything...LOL) ? This isn't the red cross or some charity board.. its an internet message board nothing more nothing less... which in the big picture is about as inconsequential as a pimple on my ass!!!!
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Re: sleeper of spring 2011? sunday listenin'

#215631 1 year, 11 months ago
These two are arguing because they have both done too much acid. Acid makes you argue and it also fucks up your voice which is why Phil can't sing anything except box of rain. I personally think he does a real nice Wolf Mans Brother and an even nicer Days Between, but he has done way too much acid to sing anything else.
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Re: sleeper of spring 2011? sunday listenin'

#215640 1 year, 11 months ago
Denver Man wrote:
Griff - I was thinking about you when I saw all that snow that was coming your way!

You got it man. It's here and the update from about 3 PM today is that Crystal Mountain is opening up on Wednesday. That's not my local area but I used to teach there and its my 2nd fav............gave me that rush just like when the boys walk out on stage or the lights go down.

Then I came back down to earth and said be patient, you have meetings that day. But maybe Friday, go make some turns. My fractured ribs (from surfing) just healed enough to go skiing........LOL.

Back to the many discussions going......

Hey, so what's up with the claim the acid ruins your voice?? Any truth to that other then opinion. While I cant imagine there have been any double blind studies on that, is there any truth??

Interesting correlation. So as I have been promoting this theory that 1977 is redux in 2011 with Furthur from an energy and just plain old rocking year, I started listening to 78 shows.

Did you all know about Jerry's lyringitis that early Winter tour of 78 where he couldnt sing?? I didnt. I wonder if his voice ever recovered from that, or was that the start of the raspy, crackling voice for the rest of his life????

Just wondering.......
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Re: sleeper of spring 2011? sunday listenin'

#215644 1 year, 11 months ago
Another show I think it highly underrated is Jones Beach 2011.
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