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72-11-19 Gans-Miller = SBD upgrade

#212121 1 year, 11 months ago
If you're a Phil fan, get ready. He's loud in the mix, and he's having a night.

Grateful Dead - November 19, 1972
Hofheinz Pavilion - Houston, TX

Recording Info:
SBD -> Master Reel -> Reel (7.5ips 2 track/Dolby

Transfer Info:
Reel (Dolby B Decoded) -> WAV (24bit/96k)

track list and further info:
db.etree.org/shn/122783 (16 bit)
db.etree.org/shn/122784 (24 bit)

16 bit torrent:
24 bit torrent:

LMA stream &.....:
not uploaded yet, but keep refreshing this link for when it appears:
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