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Re: Legalize, it in Colorado

#214173 1 year, 11 months ago
mtnhead wrote:

Yes, I live in Colorado. What are you going to do about it, jerk ? Sounds like you hate me for being "different". Well, people like you suck !

You're a jerk.

I don't think people people "hate" you for being different, they just think you're acting like a asshole. You come on spewing all kinds of hateful words and don't expect a rebuttal. You have a different opinion, that's fine, but everyone else is a dumbass, moron, idiot, jerk. Did I leave any out? Have a nice day being angry at everyone, I on the other hand will smoke a doob in my on state weather is legal or not.
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Re: Legalize, it in Colorado

#214187 1 year, 11 months ago
Hey guys, it's nice to be living in a country where we can voice our own individual point of views on various subjects. But let's please not resort to calling other people names in the process. I know we can have some beliefs that we passionately believe in, and we should be able to express those beliefs, but not while putting others down in the process. I'm saying this because I love the family here and I don't want to see us fight. We're bigger than that. I Love You!!
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Re: Legalize, it in Colorado

#214270 1 year, 11 months ago
I think dougieisirie is correct...mthhead is simply (and I use the term in ALL of its contexts) trying to get a rise out of everyone. Best thing to do is to just ignore every post he puts out. If there is no apparent audience for his vitriolic rants, then in essence, he ceases to be relevant and will disappear. I would call for a boycott of any responses to this boorish behaviour...we can do better. Mind you, this applies only to his name calling...he is certainly entitled to his political opinions, he is NOT entitled to spew hatred, nor do we have to accept it from him or anyone.

Peace all!
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