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11-4-77 GD Colgate Univ (fun read)

#209928 1 year, 12 months ago
An interesting observation and recollection from some unknown heads (not mine)

The jones gang

Set 1:
Good Lovin'
Brown-Eyed Women
It Must Have Been The Roses
New Minglewood Blues
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Let It Grow

Set 2:
Samson And Delilah
Cold Rain And Snow
Playin' In The Band
Eyes Of The World
Estimated Prophet
The Other One
Iko Iko
Stella Blue
Playin' In The Band

Johnny B. Goode

Music Notes:

This show, albeit sloppy at points, epitomizes the ability of the band to
take chances musically, knowing they can falter at any moment but also
collectively discover something around the bend never before seen or heard.
This is also reflected in the setlist which has some noteworthy aspects.
The Let It Grow to end the first set is both out there and raging,
purporting what is to come next. Technical difficulties allow time for
Phil to introduce the band as the "Jones Gang" at the start of the second
set. This level of hilarity is indicative of the playing to follow: loose,
strange, daring, and plain old rockin'. Cold Rain & Snow hadn't been
played in over a year and is one of two played in '77. The Playin' in the
Band is very exploratory building to a crescendo that segues into the gem
of the show: Eyes of the World - simply the most rockin' I have heard.
Then, to top it off, they transition into Estimated, with Jerry sort of
happening upon the song unexpectedly. This is the first Eyes > Estimated,
with another on 11-5-79 and then not again until the famous night at Nassau
with Branford Marsalis on 3-29-90. A powerful one-verse only Other One
follows, and then the 4th Iko-Iko ever comes out of Drums. The Stella Blue
is very intimate with Jerry crooning at the end similar to certain nights
in the 90's. A very long and jammed out Playin' reprise ends the set at
a fervent level, and the Johnny B. Goode to follow doesn't let up.

Subject: Jerry slipped on his guitar cord during Bertha
we were hitching a ride on the NYState Thruway to Rochester the next night, and the radio announced an extra show tagged on at Colgate so we got out and hitched to Colgate. Very very few people knew about this show, deadheads were out-numbered like 10 to 1. Tickets were being given away on the street.

We were able to walk right up to the 3 foot high stage on Jerry's side for Bertha. Durin that song, Garcia slipped on his guitar cord, right there in front of us, and almost fell down to the ground, but he reeled backwards and caught himself, and on his way back up he looked down at us with this Waoooooooooow! crazy melted face, and we realized that we weren't the only ones who were blottered, Jerry was very high, so i looked him in the eye and smiled and his eye-balls were rolling around in his head. From that point on, we got a lot of eye contact from Garcia and compainionship for the journey.

Shortly after i noticed that everyone in the band and the crew had sunglasses on, in November, inside at night, hmmm, they were all blottered, and thats a good part of the electricity you hear at this show, and the likely the reason Phil did the Jones gang rap.

The beautiful side of Garcia came out that night, during one song he picked me out and played the entire solo directly to me, eye to eye, and i had my nervous system rewired by that experience, and then a song or two later i see Garcia looking directly at a something during the solo, and i look over and see that he's giving someone else his solo, and that person is beaming back the love, very very high stuff, back when there was all that eye contact, and you could hear all the stage banter...

"...at one point we were all part of the Grateful Dead, and now the Grateful Dead is a part of us..."
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Re: 11-4-77 GD Colgate Univ (fun read)

#209973 1 year, 12 months ago

I've heard the stories about this show. Cool stuff.

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