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Still Takin it Weirder
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Re: Best China>Rider - Sandy listening

#208995 1 year, 11 months ago
Brent era :
7-18-90 Deer Creek
6-26-87 Alpine
7-17-89 Alpine
12-1-79 Pittsburgh Stanley (whole show on fire)
5-6-80 Penn State (China>Rider>Stranger>He's Gone>Other One whew!!!!)
4-14-82 Glenn Falls NY

Post Brent
9-20-90 MSG............ Whole show incredible... do not pass this one up!

Grateful Dead
09/20/90 (Thu) Madison Square Garden - Manhattan, NY

Set 1: Feel Like A Stranger, Althea, It's All Over Now, Ramble On Rose, El Paso, Brown Eyed Women, Greatest Story Ever Told > U.S. Blues

Set 2: Truckin', China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider, Women Are Smarter, Drums > Space > Dark Star > Playing In The Band (reprise) > Dark Star > Jam > Throwing Stones > Touch of Grey, E: Lovelight
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