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Re: My new favorite Shakedown!

#208891 1 year, 12 months ago
newyawker wrote:
Ryan. I cannot partake in a 'Shakedown' thread without mentioning nassau 79 halloween!!!!!!

Another Glassberg/sirmick Gem AUD here.


I Would put this one up there as good as it gets.

I will take a listen tonight and get back to you. Thank you
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Re: My new favorite Shakedown!

#209062 1 year, 11 months ago
Im really liking this 11/25/79 UCLA version. Phil is just awesome. As is Bobby.
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Re: My new favorite Shakedown!

#209081 1 year, 11 months ago
This thread made me go to a favorite Shakedown at Oakland 12.26.79. I actually did it last Friday night when I first saw this and only getting back to this today.

A roomie had mucho tapes and the 12.26 was one I listened to mucho in 80s.

I had no clue it became a Dicks pick until I went to it to compare with this 12.5 the other night.

They are similar with the Brent organ effects. I think I prefer 12.26 because its a bit tighter and funkier. However, its also about 4 minutes shorter. The existing recordings are not as stellar as the 12.5 because its a Dicks.

But I would refer 23Allwell and all else to listen and compare.
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Re: My new favorite Shakedown!

#209255 1 year, 11 months ago
I noted this in the halloween thread but wanted to put it up here too. See my comments in that thread. The Shakedown here is very unique and features someone ( ahem Mr Weir if not all) livin on reds and vitamin C and cocaine. Mr Weir absolutely goes nuts during this version... check him out "going off!!!!!!!!" during the poke around section.

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