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Mike McCready's thoughts on the election

#206873 2 years ago
Here's what Mike says ---

My name is Mike McCready, and I play guitar in the band Pearl Jam.

The polls are super close, and my biggest fear is that Obama might lose the election because young people won't vote.

Because of Pearl Jam, I can reach young people who might otherwise tune out. But I need your help to spread the word.

That's why I've launched a petition asking young voters, Pearl Jam fans, and everyone else to pledge to vote this Election Day for candidates who support ObamaCare.

Click here to sign the pledge—and then share it to help it go viral.

This presidential election is personal for me because I have a chronic, life-threatening condition called Crohn's Disease, and ObamaCare will ensure I get the coverage I need.

Crohn's Disease is a chronic, life-threatening condition. Twice in recent years I've been denied by insurance for treatment my doctor said I needed.

With the resources that come from being in a successful rock band, I've been able to fight back. But not everyone is so lucky.

I think about all the kids I've met with Crohn's and other chronic illnesses and I know that without ObamaCare many of them will not receive the health care they need.

Some candidates say they want to repeal ObamaCare but would still protect folks with pre-existing conditions. Don't count on it. We had to fight for years to get these protections. If they go away now, it will be virtually impossible to get them back.

Click here to pledge to vote for candidates who support ObamaCare—and then urge your friends to sign as well.

Beginning January 1, 2014, ObamaCare will prevent insurance companies from denying health insurance to people with pre-existing conditions.

ObamaCare also expands our right to appeal insurance company denials for payment or coverage. Because of this process, the external review board was able to overturn denials from my insurance company for life-supporting treatments of my disease on two occasions.

Under ObamaCare, every American will have the right to appeal to an Independent Review Organization that can overturn their insurer's decision. Insurance companies will no longer have the final word.

Election Day is in just two weeks. Please pledge to vote to ensure that all Americans receive access to health care coverage and then send this email to your friends and urge them to sign as well.

–Mike McCready, Pearl Jam guitarist
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Re: Mike McCready's thoughts on the election

#206875 2 years ago
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