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New Member, Poster swap, Eugene'11 / Troutdale'12

#202142 2 years ago
Hi there, I just joined. I hope this is the right place to throw this out. I have the three AJ Masthay posters for the recent Troutdale run outside of Portland, OR.

Check them out at www.masthaystudios.com.

I have: Sept 27th 70/275, Sept 28th 63/275 and Sept 29th 141/275. I would like to trade these for the Eugene 2011 full poster or one each of the three day run. What say you?

Do people have other suggestions where I might try to make this happen (other than ebay)?

Thanks, Graham
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Re: New Member, Poster swap, Eugene'11 / Troutdale'12

#203067 2 years ago
Welcome grammack~ I am a poster fiend. No suggestions on a trade on those 3 from last year. They are some of my favorites.

Richard Biffle did them and his work is top notch. Buy direct from him when possible.

edit: also try these guys : www.posterscene.com/html_index.cfm?page=home they are very KIND.
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