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Re: Dead Heads for more Furthur Shows !

#203116 2 years ago
I saw Phish once this year.

I have to say, I was blown away. The jammin was really tight and the crowd was maybe even more in on it than at some (but not all) Furthur shows that I have been too.

I'll confess, even on the songs I knew, which were a few, I still could hardly make out the lyrics sometime. They do some weird stuff with music. Reba was nuts, it was as if all of a sudden the whole crowd erupted into singing and I didn't even know there was a refrain coming at all. Kind of knocked me off my feet.

Second set was real good. They played a new tune called Undermind which I felt actually had some profound lyrics. That's usually my main gripe with Phish, their lyrics, however I see there lyrics as scaffolding to keep the music flowing. I think you have to give them a chance. I didn't go into the show with any preconceptions, or at least I can I say I went in with the goal that I would enjoy the music to the best of my ability. They were phenomenal, and there were moments of absolute transcendence during You Enjoy Myself. Trey took off his guitar and just danced for about 5 minutes straight to Gordon's bass lines. It was phenomenal bass work. Very different from Phil. Phil weaves in and out of the music like a snake and coils around it and pulls and pushes and guides it to new dimensions. I felt Gordon was more like a mathematician and was just goin up an down the bass and owning the hell out of that jam. Almost like a polar opposite of Phil but nearly as good.

I used to hate on Phish until I "reallly" listened to them. I still like the dead/furthur way more. But in terms of shows I want to go see live I would have to put Phish as #2 on my list.
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Re: Dead Heads for more Furthur Shows !

#203134 2 years ago
For me -
Phish is a party
Furthur is a church
Takin' it in stride!
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Re: Dead Heads for more Furthur Shows !

#203988 2 years ago
strangerinboulder wrote:
83msg1sttyme wrote:
strangerinboulder wrote:
83msg1sttyme wrote:
i heard they plan on doing NYE with Phish in NYC its gonna be epic

Gross !
ya know i wonder if you phish haters ever actually listened to any live phish shows? those boys can jam real tight.geesh how many times can you listen to trucking? do you ever listen to any other non dead bands?

Got NYE tickets for YMSB. Saw Bela Fleck, Tom Petty, Bonnie Raitt, + Neil Young the last six months. Do I have your blessings?
you dont need my blessing to enjoy yourself but since you asked go forth and enjoy my son
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Re: Dead Heads for more Furthur Shows !

#203995 2 years ago
Just saw a post on fb that we should look forward to an announcement soon....let the speculation begin.
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