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Re: The Furthur Forum NFL Pick'em Pool 2012!!

#234291 1 year, 8 months ago
Congrats Jim! Wished the 49ers could have scored that last TD.

For the rest of the pool's info, this is what Jim got for winning the pool.

Grateful Dead 8-27-1972
Old Renaissance Faire Grounds Veneta OR
(Benefit for Springfield Creamery)

Creamery Skit (not included on previous version)
Prankster clips - Acid tests
Setting up - Playin in the Band (background music)
Water and the Heat
Promised Land
China Cat Sunflower >>
I Know You Rider
...what ever happened to the truck that was going to spray the crowd
Jack Straw

Oregon Insanity (Please help us Jerry and Bob)
Dark Star >>
El Paso
...and no one was hurt
Endings - Greatest Story in the background
Different angle of China Cat Sunflower >> I Know You Rider (not included on previous version)
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