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Re: Does any one like MMA ?

#33159 3 years, 4 months ago

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Let us all look kindly on our neighbor.
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Re: Does any one like MMA ?

#33247 3 years, 4 months ago
1-W- Darren Elkins--vs.-- L-- Michihiro Omigawa--- Decision (Unanimous)Rd 3 --- 5:00
2-W- Joey Beltran--vs.--L-- Aaron Rosa--- TKO (Punches)Rd 3 --- 1:26
3-W- Dustin Poirier--vs.-- L-- Jason Young--- Decision (Unanimous)Rd 3 --- 5:00
4-W- Nick Ring--vs.-- L-- James Head --- Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)Rd 3 --- 3:33
5 -W- Krzysztof Soszynski--vs.-- L-- Mike Massenzio--- Decision (Unanimous)Rd 3 --- 5:00
6-W- Chris Weidman--vs.-- L-- Jesse Bongfeldt --- Submission (Guillotine Choke)Rd 1 --- 4:54
7-W- Sam Stout--vs.-- L-- Yves Edwards --- KO (Punch) Rd 1 --- 3:52
8-W-Donald Cerrone-- vs.--L-- Vagner Rocha---Decision (Unanimous )Rd. 3---5:00
9-W- Dave Herman--vs.--L-- John Olav Einemo--- TKO (Punches)Rd. 2 --- 3:19
10-W- Mark Munoz-- vs.--L-- Demian Maia---Decision (Unanimous) Rd.3---5:00
11-W-Kenny Florian-- vs.--L-- Diego Nunes--- Decision (Unanimous) Rd. 3---5:00
12-W-Junior dos Santos--vs.--L--Shane Carwin--- Decision (Unanimous) Rd. 3---5:00
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Re: Does any one like MMA ?

#33346 3 years, 4 months ago
Junior Dos Santos vs. Shane Carwin---- Play by Play
Round 1
Former interim champ Carwin enters first to Eminem’s “Till I Collapse,” while Dos Santos follows with Bill Conti’s “Gonna Fly Now (Theme from ‘Rocky’).” The third man in the cage for the heavyweight main event is Herb Dean. Both men paw and feel one another out, their right hands loaded. Carwin shoots in after about 40 seconds and shoves Dos Santos into the cage. The Brazilian hits a knee upon exit and then slides out of the way when Carwin tries to rush him with a right hand. “Cigano” plunks the American with a right hook and steps out, then does the same with a lead jab while dodging a punch from Carwin. Overhand right partially connects for Dos Santos as the opening round heads into its second half. Cigano flicks out a left jab to find the range and Carwin ducks under to trip his man down. Dos Santos is right back up and snaps off a few left jabs to Carwin’s nose. He doubles up the jab now and finishes with a right cross. Carwin is in bad shape and he turtles up as Cigano pounces. Carwin motions to ref Dean that he’s being it in the back of the head, but Dean doesn’t take action. Dos Santos lands 20 or more unanswered shots and Carwin’s face is badly bloodied, a cut under his left eye as he walks to his corner.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-8 Dos Santos
TJ De Santis scores the round 10-8 Dos Santos
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-8 Dos Santos

Round 2
Carwin bounces in his corner at the start of round two and touches gloves with Dos Santos again as they meet in the center. Cigano misses with a head kick and sticks a hand in Carwin’s face as the American bull-rushes. Dos Santos uncorks his killer uppercut, just missing the mark, and flicks out an inside leg kick. Mean hooks from Cigano dig into the body of Carwin. Leg kicks are the response from Carwin, but he’s eating way more jabs in return from Dos Santos. Nonetheless, Carwin moves straight at his opponent and zaps him with a left hand. Another lands with just less than two minutes to go, but Dos Santos doesn’t look to be in trouble. Cigano lands a flush left high kick and goes back to sticking the jab inside the last 30 seconds, finishing with more strong hooks to the body.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Dos Santos
TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Dos Santos
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Dos Santos

Round 3
Carwin is cut deeply beneath both eyes and looks to be sporting a broken nose as the last round starts. He takes only one jab before shooting a single-leg and dragging Cigano to the base of the fence. Dos Santos stays down only a few seconds before using the fence to work up and slamming a knee into Carwin’s midsection. The Brazilian continually circles right, lands shots and circles again. Left hooks land to the head and ribs of Carwin, then a straight right. The tired Carwin continues moving forward with single shots, all of which are sidestepped by Dos Santos. A jab stumbles Carwin and a left jab-right hook combo has him moving backward again. Left cross, left jab for Dos Santos and referee Dean steps in between the heavyweights with about a minute to go. He calls for the cageside doctor, who asks Carwin if he can see. Carwin responds in the affirmative and is allowed to continue after passing a quick vision test. They restart and Dos Santos ducks a punch to plow Carwin to the floor. He lets Carwin right back up and picks away with leg kicks and left hooks, scoring another takedown just as time expires.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Dos Santos (30-26 Dos Santos)
TJ De Santis scores the round 10-9 Dos Santos (30-26 Dos Santos)
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Dos Santos (30-26 Dos Santos)

Official scores: The scorecards hold no surprises, reading 30-27, 30-27 and 30-26 for Junior dos Santos, the winner by unanimous decision and No. 1 contender to Cain Velasquez’s UFC heavyweight title.
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Re: Does any one like MMA ?

#33443 3 years, 4 months ago
the highway terror wrote:
lostsailor wrote:
What the fuck ar eyou all talkgin about? What's MMA???? disco biscuits was a lot closer than what I thought... which is a lot of ????????????????

And since it was thrown out- it is immoral and every deadhead shoudl be against it- and that includes all of you. <now just tell me what it is and I'll tell you why>
can anyone decipher this drivel ?

have we figured out what this means yet?
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Re: Does any one like MMA ?

#33533 3 years, 4 months ago
The Sherdog Stock Report UFC 131

Stock Up

Junior dos Santos: Now unbeaten in seven UFC bouts, Dos Santos’ precise striking was on display against Carwin with a barrage that nearly ended the bout in the opening period. A key factor and wild card in his skill set is takedown defense; something rarely seen since so few opponents can seem to get in position to attempt a high-percentage shot.

Carwin tried three takedowns, none of which were able to ultimately plant “Cigano” on the mat, as Dos Santos showed spry hips and excellent balance in denying each.

He also paced himself smartly in tonight’s fight, and took a couple good shots from Carwin without blinking. And in the third, he hit a pair of slick takedowns, perhaps merely to demonstrate his newly-acquired wrestling chops. Certainly, it’ll give Velasquez and anyone else facing him plenty to think about -- as though they didn’t have enough already.

This was a great showing tonight by Dos Santos, and his clash with Velasquez will be a showcase fight for the UFC’s flagship division.

Shane Carwin: After a rough first round where his nose was likely broken and he tasted a ton of leather, Carwin rallied through a frightful pounding to come back strong landing a few shots in the second frame, including a couple of strong low kicks.

Carwin, forever dogged by the stamina issues that cost him in his challenge of Brock Lesnar last summer for the heavyweight title, showed a ton of courage and resilience at UFC 131.

It’s pretty tough to muster up any kind of rally after the disastrous opening five minutes he had, yet Carwin was there, battling to the end, and he showed a big-time chin in the process. He’ll be a handful for any heavyweight he faces in the future -- and they can no longer assume he’ll run out of gas, either.

Kenny Florian File Photo

Florian had too much for Nunes.
Kenny Florian: Clinical and precise, Florian adjusted after a tough opening round against Nunes, letting his experience and persistence carry the fight and ultimately winning the last two rounds cleanly on the cards to take a unanimous decision.

The weight cut to 145 was a tough one for Florian, who cited in his postfight interview with Joe Rogan that he’d started from 180 pounds after recovering from a knee injury. Chances are he’ll handle the weight cut better for his next bout, coming in lighter to begin with. A big problem for Florian at 155 was being outwrestled; the jury’s out on if that might still be a thorn against the best takedown artists at 145, but he only figures to get better in the division from here.

Mark Munoz: It looked like it was going all wrong for Munoz in the first, as Demian Maia’s improved standup was lighting him up. But to his credit -- and which was been a trend lately in Munoz’ wins -- he made subtle adjustments to find the ranges and positions he needed to be effective.

Munoz battled out of some tense spots with Maia seemingly threatening with a fight-ending crucifix on the ground, and won the second round going away. One thing about Munoz is that he’s going to smash anything he can connect on if he’s on top of his opponent, and that kind of intensity and activity definitely influences judges.

Dave Herman: “Pee Wee” had an exciting debut, scoring a KO of John Olav Einemo in a rollicking, back-and-forth heavyweight scrap. In the second stanza, just when it appeared Einemo was seizing the upper hand, Herman rallied with a series of good shots and a ground-and-pound assault to seize the win.

Noticeably leaner and more cut in this fight than previous bouts (he was 233 at Friday’s UFC 131 weigh-ins), Herman has some good athleticism and instinct for striking, particularly with knees in close.

He may be a bit of a ‘tweener for the heavyweights, though -- undersized for the behemoths but too big to effectively cut down to 205 -- but time will tell. He’ll have to sharpen up his striking as the level of competition progresses, as Einemo did catch him with several telegraphed power punches.

Donald Cerrone: “Cowboy” put on a standup clinic tonight, outpointing Vagner Rocha in a one-sided beating. Bring on Anthony Pettis, or perhaps the winner of Edson Barboza-Ross Pearson for the Greg Jackson-trained fighter. Fireworks are virtually guaranteed.


Diego Nunes: Nunes started strong against Florian, but unraveled as Ken-Flo’s takedowns and top pressure took him out of his groove. Nunes, now 16-2, is a very talented featherweight who had quite a learning experience tonight. To his credit, early on, he was effective and willing to trade with the wily veteran on the feet. Time and seasoning will round out his game, but UFC 131 showed the difference between a young gun and a truly crafty veteran in Florian.

Demian Maia: Maia has nothing to hang his head about tonight, as he waged a memorable battle with Munoz in dropping a unanimous decision (judge Nelson “Doc” Hamilton ought to be put in permanent MMA judging time-out for his 30-27 Munoz score, as Maia clearly won the first round).

Maia’s improved standup was much sharper than in previous outings, and his dangerous ground game and submissions even had the haymaker-hungry Munoz cautious at the prospect of unloading too much on him while Maia was on his back. It was a credible performance tonight by Maia in a tough match.

Stock Down

John Olav Einemo: A disappointing debut for Einemo, who at 261 pounds had gained serious size since earlier in his MMA career. Einemo, despite not fighting since 2006, looked good in spots, trading with Herman only to be caught and taken out in the second.

However, with his excellent grappling and submissions, and some fairly effective standup that he showed tonight, he should definitely be back soon for another chance to get in the win column.

Vagner Rocha: Rocha went the distance with Cerrone tonight, and most lightweights can’t stand effectively with the potent striker. Rocha certainly tried his best, even landing a few good right hands but he was outgunned here. Unable to hit takedowns, he was relegated to trying to pull guard unsuccessfully.
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Re: Does any one like MMA ?

#33534 3 years, 4 months ago
Coming June 18th

Strikeforce Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinals
Josh Barnett vs. Brett Rogers
Alistair Overeem vs. Fabricio Werdum

Muhammed Lawal vs. Ovince St. Preux
Gesias Cavalcante vs. Justin Wilcox
Valentijn Overeem vs. Chad Griggs
Daniel Cormier vs. Jeff Monson
KJ Noons vs. Jorge Masvidal
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Re: Does any one like MMA ?

#36012 3 years, 4 months ago
Strikeforce Results 6/18/11

Match------ Winner ------------- Loser ------------- Method --Round-----Time
1 Isaac Vallie-Flagg-vs.- Brian Melancon Decision (Split) Rd.3 5:00
2 Nah-Shon Burrell -vs.-Joe Ray Decision (Unanimous) Rd.3 5:00
3 Conor Heun -vs.- Magno Almeida Decision (Unanimous) Rd.3 5:00
4 Justin Wilcox -vs.- Gesias Cavalcante ND (Wilcox Accidentally Poked in Eye) Rd. 2 0:31
5 Chad Griggs -vs.- Valentijn Overeem -Submission (Punches)Rd. 1 2:08
6 Daniel Cormier -vs.- Jeff Monson Decision (Unanimous)Rd. 3 5:00
7 Jorge Masvidal -vs.- K.J. Noons Decision (Unanimous)Rd. 3 5:00
8 Josh Barnett -vs.- Brett Rogers Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke) Rd.2 1:17
9 Alistair Overeem -vs.- Fabricio Werdum Decision (Unanimous) Rd.-3 5:00
10 Todd Moore -vs.- Mike Bronzoulis Decision (Unanimous)Rd. 3 5:00
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