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Phil and Jill: Why Can't We Buy Older Soundboards?

#16926 3 years, 5 months ago
Hi Phil and Jill (or other Furthur family),

Why is it that the Furthur soundboards are getting pulled after a certain amount of time? Is it because hosting them costs too much? I know bands like Phish have every show they've ever put up still available for purchase, so I can't think that's the reason.

I'm also asking with regards to old Phil and Friends shows that were once available on LiveDownloads, like the great Fall 07 tour. I managed to snag the epic Glens Falls show with Trey Anastasio from 10/20/07 when it was available, and I know there's still demand out there to pick up shows from that tour and others that were once for sale online. Is there any chance we could see them up for purchase again, and if not, how come?

Thanks! Hope you guys are enjoying the break. Thanks again for an awesome winter tour.
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