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What site(s) are sellling Edgefield Tickets?

#149437 2 years, 6 months ago
Saw that Livenation has presale for a lot of the shows tomorrow at 10am, but i couldnt find an edgefield presale (no im not talkin bout frontgate)

is etix the only site selling tickets for edgefield on the public sale?
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Re: What site(s) are sellling Edgefield Tickets?

#149446 2 years, 6 months ago
I'd be ever so grateful if you could PM me the presale password for the Greek, Santa Barbara and Shoreline.

I have not seen any other presale for Edgefield but I doubt it will sell out. Same size as the Cuthbert and that did not sell out (at least not until close to the show date)
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Tucson John
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Re: What site(s) are sellling Edgefield Tickets?

#149600 2 years, 6 months ago
I think etix is it on Fri 1000 am PST that has been all I can find. Dont know if it will sell out sounds like a lot of people are doing Seattle and then Shoreline. Oh Well Edgefield and La and sooo stoked I cant even wait!Edgefield is going to be sweeet!
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Re: What site(s) are sellling Edgefield Tickets?

#149757 2 years, 6 months ago
amusingdiva - PM sent.

the people I know doin tour are doing Seattle, Edgefield, skipping Shoreline and goin on to do San Diego, LA and Santa Barbara, and some talk bout Vegas (which means it will probably happen. Then there's a few of my friends that live in the bay area that aren't doing any of the shows previous to shoreline that will be there.

Goin from red rocks to seattle makes the least sense of ANYTHING on the tour... they really need to make the touring more driver friendly....the midwest tour they did was a perfect tour for driving. and so are most of the east coast shows, but the cities out there are quite a bit closer. but even though things are a lil farther away doesn't mean it cant make since logistically. oh well...cant win em all i guess.

yeah thats true cuthbert didnt sell out very quickly but it is a different location and Saturday did sell out for the cuthbert, when it did i am unsure. I do know WAY more people that are planning on goin to the Edgefield shows this year than I knew bout that went to the cuthbert shows (talking non locals of course) the logistics to gettin to the show are way easier as Troutdale isn't far from PDX airport, so it makes travel easier than it would goin to Eugene isnt really an option for people far away. actually troutdale has an airport but I don't know if it serves any commercial airlines.

I just hope I can get tickets for edgefield since its right by my house. and I wanna go to santa barbara cause its on my birthday and i missed my birthday show last year. (October 7th)

wish shoreline was a day later, driving from portland to mountain view over night is BRUTAL. I don't think they were thinkin when they set that up, if they had given a day in between edgefield and shoreline id imagine the amount of people going would be substantially larger. I know I'm not goin to shoreline because of the time crunch. unless i come into some major money and can afford to fly...which is highly doubtful
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