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Bob and John......

#14745 3 years, 6 months ago
Is Bobby mean to Jay kay? or is he humble as can be?... Does Bobby wake up in the morninig, and call jay kay, and say: "hey John, I am going to sing sugaree from now on, you no longer sing that song."??........a month later, does Bobby have a dinner conversation gone wrong or some shit??, step aside, whip out his celly, call up jay kay in stress, and say : "hey John, tonight uh, I am going to sing China cat...ok john, you no longer sing china cat. oh and Cream puff war, that too I want to sing Cream Puff War tonight and from now on ok.........

or is it a wonderful relationship? where bobby is like a mentor or a friend to Jay kay.. and is it john that asks bobby if he wants to sing any songs......

and why did the Grateful dead stop singing songs like new potatoe caboose, cream puff war, and born cross eyed to name a few????

watever I just really like John's voice....Go JAY KAY GO!!!!!......aany opinions on this? dont kid yourselves..I take Furthur with a Grain of salt....i love every oppertunity i get to see them, i am just beeing a critic.......
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I Miss Jerry.

Re: Bob and John......

#14749 3 years, 6 months ago
"In the land of the dark, the ship of the sun is driven by the Grateful Dead"
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Re: Bob and John......

#14758 3 years, 6 months ago
I'd say they have a good relationship. From an interview with Bobby (which can be found here):

"John is John, not Jerry,” Weir said. “When we auditioned him, we were looking for him to speak his own voice. Bit by bit, he’s stepping into the role of himself.

“It takes time to transition, but we’re not looking in him for somebody to emulate Jerry.”

How did Kadlecik immerse himself so quickly into the Furthur fold?

“John’s an amazing player,” Weir said. “He listens as hard as he plays, and that’s really important in the kind of music that we play. He’s extremely versatile, and he’s got a lot of spark.”

Weir hopes to write some songs with Kadlecik in the near future. But for now, they’re carrying the torch that was lit in the ’60s — one that still burns brightly.

“When we’re playing, I can still hear Jerry, but I’m not hearing it from John,” Weir said. “I’m hearing and feeling Jerry from somewhere else. I may be lapsing into abnormal psychology here, but I don’t think so. If somebody lives in your head and your heart for a few decades, they don’t go away.

“In Jerry’s case, he’s not gone, so we don’t need to replace him.”
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Re: Bob and John......

#14763 3 years, 6 months ago
The Internet. Not always a good idea.
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