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Re: We are Furthur

#14837 3 years, 6 months ago
Nice post dude. Very nice. Couldn't have said it better myself. You are so right.
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Grateful for the Music!

Re: We are Furthur

#14849 3 years, 6 months ago
Material St. John wrote:
Here something cool that happened at Hampton.

I was on the floor in the asile--- and we had this guy next to us who was Splashed. He was in his mid 50's I'd say and he was a Psychedelic Monster! Shaking every way--- too his core---- getting down so hard and so crazy that everyone in the aisle cleared out. I reached out to him with the help of some friends--- we gave Hugs, eye contact, compliments, water, basically saying Hey Man--- you are the Man!

Slowly our piece of crowd came to accept our little Psychedelic Monster as he became more aware of his surroundings and the effect he was having on others experiences. The whole vibe changed from who is this freaker? To welcome to the dance. It was really cool to be a part of and see that we can all help and give a little love to all those around us especially when experimenting--- and provide a bit of a safety net to get out there and have those experiences.

That is such a perfect description of what can happen in the Dance- thanks for making it so palpable. I have had that kind of thing happen with folks at shows-amazing what a little love can do... yay for you all for helping him connect!

Let the Beauty We Love Be what we Do....Rumi
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I missed Jerry!

Re: We are Furthur

#14867 3 years, 6 months ago
ruby_claire wrote:
I love that this is a totally positive thread, also.

Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy nside ...and it feeds my unicorns, that's what they thrive on!

If we don't feed the unicorns we wouldn't get our rainbows
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Re: We are Furthur

#14868 3 years, 6 months ago
This has been said in numerous ways on this thread, but just to add to the communal feeling & vibe:


Deadheads unite!!!!

Happy FURTHUR Everyone....

(P.S. - Hope for some midwest shows.... couldn't let it lie.)

Hope you had a GREAT SHOW TONIGHT!!! Wherever you are on your journey!
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I missed Jerry!

Re: We are Furthur

#14869 3 years, 6 months ago
Turn on, Tune in, Drop out
Think for yourself, Escape the gene pools
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Re: We are Furthur

#14910 3 years, 6 months ago
The Furthur We Go
The Founder We Get
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Re: We are Furthur

#14917 3 years, 6 months ago
I think Material St John is on to something here!
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Re: We are Furthur

#14922 3 years, 6 months ago
Material St. John wrote:
coyotte wrote:
I get my coffee in the morning at the coffe cart on Madison & 71st street..almost everyday....

55th and 5th Momofuko. David Cheng is a ponce---- but the milk is from Milk Thistle and that is the goods. Oh and the Ruben Croissant is outrageous--- Rye Croissant--- House Made Pastrami---- House Made Sauerkraut---- and Russian Dressing.

I digress.

Loving the stories must be a million more.

Here's another of mine (Pre Furthurband)

5 Nights Red Rocks the Dead 2003. First 3 nights amazing--- with a crew at least 20 Deep. We were dancing on stage left stairs. Which at Red Rocks there is a huge cliff called the "Creation Rock." We all had these Jerry Hand Print Truckers Hats--- Red White and Blue various color configurations. No Tickets (I was like 22)--- we all get in all nights. Various Miracles--- Deals left and right--- just a great all of us or none of us vibe.

We were calling ourselves the Creation Rock All-Stars!

Night off. Good Friend Rolls his truck in Loveland. He's Gone. Miss you Just.

4th Night no one wants to go--- I go. Alone.

End up on top of this small building(again I was 22) Dancing from The Wheel > 3. Dark Star > 4. Throwing Stones > 5. Franklin's Tower--- finally get asked to get "the fuck" down. Durring the whole time up there I could feel(see) my friend dancing on the heads of everyone below us in the crowd.

I thought to myself "man now that's the Grateful Dead."

The last night everyone came back and it was extremely healing---- but I will never forget how sad I was, alone I was, and how thankful I was.

that was Furthur (even though the band had a different name)

This story brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. Your friend was with you then, and still is
laughin in her eyes, dancin in her feet
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Re: We are Furthur

#14930 3 years, 6 months ago
diggin this thread man--good stuff...

i am glad other people are noticing this and having the same feelings about it. hell phil reminds us about it every single night now. something that he's been stressing A LOT MORE--i believe every night this past tour--and a little bit last november, again that is "that we are the community, and this music is all about the community"...as my tour buddy george always said "we are all playing in the heart of gold band"--very true...our presence and energy fuel this band, but more importantly fuel the music that is playing this band. and quite frankly everyone, 'i love you more than words can tell', without you and these guys, a part of me would not exist--so thank you.

here is a backstory---i was doing my last semester of college when furthur formed (student teaching in upstate NY)..i grabbed tix to go solo to both nights of asbury park...i had to take a licensing exam the morning before i took off on 12/12/09...long story short someone i had not seen in a very long time brought a handle of jamieson up the previous night and i was a trainwreck the next morning...pulling over on the interstate puking trying to get to syracuse for this exam..after finishing it with a garbage can next to my desk in the hallway (removed!) i had to get to asbury park, and quick...i did make it and met a guy that night helped me out with some joints as i burned my stash on the ride down to keep from losing it..i had seen RD, PLF, TOO, DEAD etc combined 150 times...this band blew me away both nights....continued hitting shows, meeting folks, mainly alone--my friends were not into touring around, and i was just getting out of college so i was all about it. furthur festival was a pinnacle moment in furthur history for me---the most family oriented festival i went to, also my first time seeing a show in california...completely blown away--i love this band..wound up doing the entire west coast tour in the fall, midwest/east, and the last 25 show east coast tour..this band has come to define a part of my life. am i going to tour for the rest of my life? no. this music, this band, the people i've met along the way, and the people i continue to meet are part of me. 'been there so long i've got to calling it home'. i've got some really solid friends of all ages all over the country, who enjoy the same lifestyle i do...makes me think of that last line in viola lee blues 'i've got friends somewhere'...

keep the negativity away folks, we control the scene, and it can be a beautiful place

just wanna thank you, for a real good time!!!
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Re: We are Furthur

#15415 3 years, 6 months ago
Your right, it's the people and the music together that makes the experience so much fun. I find myself smiling all thru the show and feel good leaving the venue afterwards. I don't get that when I take my wife to see one of her favorite bands.
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Re: We are Furthur

#15422 3 years, 6 months ago
SOOO AWESOME to see that that the Wheel never stops.....

got on the bus in 1969.......got off right after Jerry passed and got back on in MSG December 2010

to all the kids who think they missed what went on before: Its not because you missed out on the thing that we had to start.........

.........Its even better now...the music is more consistent...and most significantly the heads seem to be "getting it" every night every city.....

can hardly wait for Jones Beach
come and join the party every day!
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Re: We are Furthur

#15423 3 years, 6 months ago
welcome back Bob !!!
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