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Spring 2012-Grateful for every note

#145379 2 years, 6 months ago
I just wanted to put out there that I for one and extremely impressed with the progression of Further and it can be heard in abundance on this Spring 2012 Tour.

John is playing with confidence and I shows, compared to when I first saw him in 2010 were it seemed like he was looking up to Bob/Phil for acceptance for every note he played. He is also jiving with Jeff on the keys well and they are fun to watch trading smiles during jams.

Bob to me seemed invigorated to come out and play with sincerity and gracefulness (i.e standing on the moon) Bobs is Bob and will miss a line or a word here and there, but I for one have gratitude for the man and his presence at these show. With out Bob this would just be a Phil and CO show.

Phil and his playing is always spot on for me, only observation that miffs me is his lack of enthusiasm at the Bos and Ct shows, but hey he could have not been feeling well. It's just that after seeing him smile from ear to ear for most shows I have had the chance to see I had to wonder if there was not something bothering the Great Phil Lesh. Either way was blown away by his bombs again *thank you may I have another*

Jeff wowweeeee!!!! Those keys are on fire !!!! HE is truly a monster on keys and if anyone can't hear that you must be deaf.

Joe has continued to impress me the more I pay attention to his playing (I am usually focused on keys & strings ) he has a nack for finding the path through jams and keeping the beat when things come to a halt for the rest of the band.

Sunshine is absolutely a Goddess, she has such a warming presence to her vocals that I don't feel this band would sound as full as it does on certain tunes. She really do have a way of providing a warm file to a sharp tone to round the edges if you will. Plus me and her always have an eye to eye moment and she loves my sprit fingers during Jeff’s key solo's... gets her to smile every time.

Jeff P thank you for also helping Bob round some of the choruses with a manly tone which is needed for the "full sound"

Will also take this opportunity to thank Jill Lesh for all that she is and has done for us. The thoughtful set lists and I am sure she is involved in much more behind the curtain then I am aware, but I would like to say thank you for everything and all that you are and do for Phil and the community everyday.

AS with every show/tour/note that the dead fam has ever played, there will be those who think it was awful and other that think it was great. With all the nitpicking and blasphemy going around here the past few days regarding the tour I just need to project my gratitude and love for the SPRING 2012 shows.

Thank You...............For a real good time !!!!
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Re: Spring 2012-Grateful for every note

#145381 2 years, 6 months ago
Glad you got to enjoy it!
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Re: Spring 2012-Grateful for every note

#145444 2 years, 6 months ago
Couldn't agree more. They really feel like a fully integrated band now as opposed to some post-GD project.

I also totally agree about Jeff. At the Beacon on Tuesday I was standing there and it suddenly occured to me: You know, with the exception of Hornsby -- who's always seemed more like a guest than a real bandmember -- Jeff is the best keyboardist any of these guys have played with since Brent.

As for Phil, I don't know how he seemed earlier in the tour but on Tuesday he looked pretty happy. Lots of smiles.
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Re: Spring 2012-Grateful for every note

#145459 2 years, 6 months ago
I'm so glad you both got great shows! It's been sounding wonderful to me, too!
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