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Re: Furthur Store

#15211 3 years, 6 months ago
ecojaded wrote:
I just got an email from the Further store saying that those are the only shirts left over and that the Radio City Poster is all they anticipate adding. So....don't forget to stop by the merch stand at the show.

I have been fortunate to contact the artists for posters in the past and get AP's of the posters.

Wish everyone luck and if anyone finds “other resources” post it on the boards. I am also very interested in the rangers logo.

They should do re-runs of merch that is all sold out. The merch table at Best Buy was terrible, not anything on the bands end but the pushy security guys who worked for the venue who prob just wanted to go home. They pretty much told me to leave unless I was gonna buy something instantly. Guess they never heard of browsing a little before I make a purchase. Sucks cause I really wanted to buy a Furthur Rangers shirt as I've prob said over and over again that sweatshirt was so cool, with the laces on the top. Argg I want..
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