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Re: is everybody here in high school?

#14781 3 years, 6 months ago
"why not just judge the person making the idiotic statements than at a whole group?

do all black people like watermelon?"

I agree. Do you see how these idiotic statements make some people think negatively about the culture it came from?

Are people over in the zone judging the Furthur board in general terms? It goes both ways, we are all music fans, I hope.

This topic.. Oakie's Rack thread...what's the point? Trying to be funny? Be honest. That's not the goal and they damn well know it but will hide behind that.. claim their freedom is being compromised or cry that anyone who has a problem with their attention drawing act is thin skinned, or as Oakie so poetically put it "an idiot". You know what was going on, they wanted to make a splash and go back to the zone to say how much better it is there than in a place where they are actually held accountable for their words. boo f'n hoo.

i don't want to have to scroll past a dozen Hiker topics that all cry "look at me!" to find a conversation I was taking part in ...and most likely that will happen if noone objects. Do you want to attract people who post stuff just to stroke their ego? I'd rather read just about about anything than a "can we post photos of our armpits?" thread. Are people really that bored that this amuses them?

If you read my comment in the troll thread i said exactly what you did...there were good zoners when I was there, I'm sure there still are....if someone comments on the actions of one zoner are they talking about the entire zone? why so defensive about a comment obviously meant to instigate?

Again, I'm not talking about the zone in general but these particular topics posted.

Honestly, I've always had a problem with mean spirited crap disguised as humor when it looked like it was becoming the routine and aimed toward others. When freedom is taken advantage of, it's lame.
"if you don't like the news go out and make some of your own"
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