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Junior Boarder

Re: Where we going for FALL TOUR????

#14247 3 years, 6 months ago
Sept for the West and maybe some Midwest

Fall for the Northeast and Midwest.

Midwesties have to deal with the fact that the early-mid part of Summer is laced with festivals

Again, before you Westies complain, you might want to take notice of the number of shows in the Northeast this summer, and how tickets have been selling so far, even after all the fall and Spring shows.

Weekend Northeast shows are selling far better than their counterpart Shoreline shows. In fact midweek shows are selling about what Shoreline is for a Fri/Sat, with no other west coast shows scheduled for the summer. Meanwhile there are, and have been, plenty of other Northeast gigs. Any Red Rocks run has at least 1/3 of the tickets sold to those from back east.

It is what it is. How about Sept: Greek-No Cal, Cuthbert, Washington, Salt Lake area, Red Rocks, Santa Fe, Vegas, Greek SoCal

Would love to see Oct:

Austin->NOLA->Ryman->Fox STL->UIC Pav X2, Ohio, Buffalo, Herb Brooks Arena-Lake Placid - 3 nights over a weekend with a Sunday 5PM start. Manchester, NH, Springfield Ma, Nassau X 2 Fri/Sat w/GA floor, Mon Halloween MSG!

Also would love 3 nights over April Fools weekend Next Spring for Binghamton!
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Junior Boarder

Re: Where we going for FALL TOUR????

#14259 3 years, 6 months ago
Well, we already know Red Rocks and the LA Greek, so the whole tour won't be in NY
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