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#13977 3 years, 6 months ago
This is a joke right?? A bad joke, comparing Furthur to DSO is like comparing a Yugo to a Ferarri.

One's the Real Deal and ones a copy, not a bad copy but when they get on the gas it sound like ---- well what it is, a Yugo. "DSO take it place Furthur can't go???" Are you shitting me. The original members vs the knock offs. Get real.

There's a reason they can sell out multi-night venues like Mann, Best Buy, The Tower, and Red Rocks.

DSO is not bad but they're a copy band. If you want to see a cover or copy band do it right see Splintered Sunlight.

As for watchin Eaton, he's to much in action a Bobby Wieir doll.
As I said they're not bad, but they're not a comparison to Furthur. See Furthur before it's over.

The comparison of Barraco and Chimenti was interesting, but Jeff wins on pure musiciian ship, but not by a lot. Barraco is the real deal too. Mattson and his scales vs JK, and his spooky Jerry like vocals. Hmm I'll take JK for sure. Mattson is better with DSO but there's a reason of all the guitarist they chose JK.

Furthur as a band is getting better and better. Comparing anyone doing Dead Music to Phil and Bobby is blaspheme!
My favorite show, is the next one!
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