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#136628 2 years, 7 months ago
The best advice is to re-sell them on stub hub or craigslist or some other shady place like that. Selling them here for those prices isn't going to work. Sorry man but that's the reality. And like others have said we all make mistakes and had to learn the hard way. Anyone on this forum will help you out the best they can but you can't expect someone to give you $180 just because you made a mistake.
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#136634 2 years, 7 months ago
tumbleweed wrote:
scar1et_f1re wrote:
I find it hard to believe that a 16 year old kid spent $1,220 for 10 tickets yet he can't afford to go to the shows? Not doubting you, but it sounds a bit off to me helper.

if you truly bought these off stub hub why not post your receipts? You do that I believe they you'd receive a warmer reception. In my experience if it talks like a scalper and acts like a scalper, well it probably is a scalper.

I'm really saddened by this thread. When did the witchhunt begin ??
He isn't a scalper. He's a 16 year old from Virgina named Sage. The bus picked him up just last fall at Red Rocks. He intended to spend his school Easter break in NY and he spent a good chunk of his savings on these tickets. Now he's in a crunch because his tour buddy can't cover their portion of travel and lodging.

I know this because I spoke to him, and he is heartbroken he can't go. We bought two pairs of tickets at the price he listed.

The Beacon ticket situation - small venue, few other local shows in the area - it's not ideal, but it's gotten downright ugly.I don't understand why resellers have split so many aftermarket pairs but it is what it is, and the self-proclaimed fans with their lame apologies and confessing "I'm broke and really need $100 above face on these", shame on them.

And as for this kid, his life was changed by his first show. We all had to start somewhere and I wonder how many of us would have stuck around after being burned at the stake just for being green.

Shame on us.

My apologies if my observations and instinct were off on this one. Certainly not meant as an attack, and if helper got "burnt" by someone not my thing to kick someone when they are down.

The fact that the same tickets are not posted on a new thread, and now Helper lists more tickets for sale than he had one week earlier made me suspicions.

Helperman, I certainly owe you an apology if I was incorrect in my educated guess. Again, if you are concerned about all the doubters I strongly recommend posting at least one of your receipts, even if sanitized. Then you'll see the skeptics will become believers.

Nobody here wants to see a 16 year old kid lose money over tickets, believe me on that. Especially if he;s not attending the shows. Regular visitors know we spend a lot of effort trying to get people NOT to buy from Stub hub and scalpers.
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#136698 2 years, 7 months ago
i was around 16 when i started seeing shows im 44 -45 so ive seen alot of things in my days and one thing is scalpers suck they are a big hole that sucks the good out of the scene and its best to not have anything to do with them,that was my reason for saying what i said im not sorry .If i was you i d just buck up go to the shows sell the extras to some young kid outside looking for a miracle ,for face and make a new friend NYC is pretty safe these days dont get so wasted the first nite learn the routine and then maybe delve deeper if thats your thing.you learned a lesson about stub hub and also about buying tickets for others always try to get the cash upfront so this dont happen again.hell i love the boys but im staying home because i REFUSE to deal with scalpers .good luck in your future travels and enjoy the shows
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#136730 2 years, 7 months ago
Convenience charge? That is convenient. Suck it scalpa scum.
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