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Vintage 1978 Ibanez MC400DS for sale

#133650 2 years, 7 months ago
Hello, I am selling a Vintage 1978 Ibanez MC400DS. Built in August of 1978, this is a real collectors and players guitar! They are not too easy to find and this one is in exceptional condition. A few dings, but nothing major... it is over 30 years old. The Musician series and the Ibanez EQ Tone System are tremendous together. The Super 88 Tri sound pick ups can give you 15 different tone colors by them selves and in conjunction with the control available from the built in EQ/Preamp Tone system, the possibilities are dizzying. All original hardware. You have to see and play this guitar to believe it. Includes a nice hardshell case. There is a spot ina couple pictures of the top right below the tail piece... that is a reflection, not a chink.

Body - Ash/Mahagony
Neck - 7 piece laminated rock maple and black walnut, neck through Fingerboard - Polished Ebony, Abalone dot inlays
Pickups - Ibanez Special Super 88 Tri-sound
Controls - Volume, Preamp boost, Bass - Mid - Treble, Two 3 position Tri-sound switches, Preamp/EQ in and out switch

It has the Dark Stain (DS) and the wood grain is amazing. Let me start with the craftsmanship: This guitar was handmade. The neck is seven pieces and goes all the way through the body of the guitar for extra sustain. The body itself has a mahogany core with ash top. The finish is DS or dark stain. The hardware is gold-plated. The pickups are Super 88's and feature tri-sound coil splitting (humbucker, single coil, and out-of-phase humbucker). The controls feature a volume, EQ boost, and three-band active EQ. The sound palette available from this baby is nearly infinite. Add to that a solid ebony neck, fat frets, locking velve-tune tuners and you can understand my enthusiasm. In terms of playability, about the only thing you can say about this guitar that some folks may not like is that it is HEAVY. But that just adds to the sustain. I am asking $1550.00 + shipping. Here is a link to some pictures:


Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.
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Re: Vintage 1978 Ibanez MC400DS for sale

#133690 2 years, 7 months ago
Nice looking instrument.
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