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Seasons Change and So Do We

#133440 2 years, 7 months ago
Our planet is bending it's axis back towards the sun again as the vernal equinox approaches, washing the northern hemisphere in a warm glow. It is the time of renewal and restoration, healing and hope, and celebrating another day on spaceship earth. Have you seen Venus and Jupiter in the western skies, reflecting each others light as they reach out for a celestial embrace?

Our neighborhood bounds with the energy of teenagers attacking the possibilities of the moment. Dogs, joggers and strollers vie for sidewalk space. If it's sixty degrees in Cleveland, and the sun is shining, people are eating al fresco at the cafes. We're suddenly so mellow and cool. The air is filled with promise and vigor. Strangers actually greet each other enthusiastically on the street. Intersections clog as drivers insist, “no, you go first.” Simplicity and calm mark my fifty first spring. The beauty of daily existence brings me joyful tears. The dogs and I will take an evening walk down Detroit. We'll stop by the local coffee shop and listen to some folk singers through the picture windows. Strings and voices will resonate and I'll sway and roll while the music moves through me. Distractions will disappear while I look forward and backward simultaneously. With renewed faith in those around me, I have no doubt that we will be alright in this world.
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Re: Seasons Change and So Do We

#133441 2 years, 7 months ago
Agreed. It is the season of renewal.
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