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Junior Boarder

New TAb "Shakedown or Dirty Lot Scene"

#13162 3 years, 6 months ago
Simply stated without some ridiculous verbal jousting, I am here for what I hope we all share and that is the love of music created by the men and women that make up the Grateful Dead family. It goes without saying that I am sure that there are other shared interest on many interwoven levels that are to numerous to count. Many like to share conversation regarding these connections and some do not. When I pull into the parking lot before a show, I have a choice and that choice is to enter the venue directly to see the band or spend time before or after the show in the parking lot were I may expose myself, family or friends to things that we all are aware are out there. I have that choice and feel that I should be awarded the opportunity to make that decision for myself. I think I should have that same right in this virtual world. I do not care what others are into, ( short of being harmful to others) I simply do not feel that I should have to navigate through areas that I may, or may not choose to see to get to the conversation that has somthing to do with this band, music and general wholesome conversation. Fly your freak flag, just don't parade it down my throat.
Junior Boarder

Re: New TAb "Shakedown or Dirty Lot Scene"

#13176 3 years, 6 months ago
ooooooohhh baby yeah, parade your freak flag down my throat


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