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I guess Bobby broke a string?

#126561 2 years, 6 months ago
From about 3:20 - 6:55 Jerry is ripping Jack Straw like no other. Especially for this era. Unfortunately there are some skips in the mix. My buddy's cassette tape didn't seem to have them skips, though on my ancient car stereo, hard to tell. There are other versions on Archive I thought this was crispest:
There seemed to be a bit of a Older/ Younger Brother thing going w/ Jerry and Bobby. In a good way of symbiotic friendship, like brotherly love. With the music, although Bobby is a great rhythm guitarist, psychedelic rock star, he was seldom the most savvy musician in the room. Jerry just takes off in the space available while Bobby's not noticeably in that part of the mix (3:20-6:55 Jack Straw.) At the least, it is interesting to hear the music change. Got other moments where Bobby wasn't in the mix? Nothing personal Bobby, just like the variety, especially with Jerry.
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Re: I guess Bobby broke a string?

#126684 2 years, 6 months ago
For about 3 or 4 years after Bobby phased-out the Blackknife, I always felt he was inaudible. Maybe not on the tapes so much, but definitely live. I seem to remember that Healy got fired for it, although that may not be correct. There was no controlling the Blackknife, though. That monster was built to be heard!
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