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Terrapin Sedation
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What was your fav of 3 P & L Shows?

#124186 2 years, 8 months ago
Which was your fav show and why?

1. 2/16: www.archive.org/details/plf2012-02-16.bsc1.stearns.flac

Set 1: Shakedown Street> Dire Wolf, Tennessee Jed, Pride of Cucamonga, Doin That Rag, The Wheel >, Standing On the
Moon, Just A Little Light
Set 2: Scarlet Begonias> Fire on the Mountain, Rollin' and Tumblin'>Cryptical Envelopment> Magic Bus>Other One>Wharf Rat>
Help on the Way> Slipknot> Franklin's Tower E: Not Fade Away E: Not Fade Away!

2. 2/17: www.archive.org/details/plf2012-02-17.CCM41s

Set I: Jam> Althea...>Estimated Prophet> Eyes Of The World> Mississippi Half-Step> Jam> Loose Lucy, Like A Ball and Chain,
She Said She Said> Casey Jones
Set 2: Passenger, New Speedway Boogie, Low Spark of High Heeled Boys> Gypsy Woman> Low Spark of High Heeled Boys>
Unbroken Chain> Dark Star> I Am the Walrus> Dark Star> Morning Dew E: We Bid You Goodnight

3. 2/18: www.archive.org/details/plf2012-02-18.dpa4ch.flac16

Set I: Golden Road> Viola Lee Blues>Bertha,Cumberland Blues, Friend of the Devil,Candyman,He's Gone> Cold Rain & Snow
Set 2: St Stephen> Jam (Age of Aquarius)> The Eleven> Jam (Foxy Lady)> Layla> Bird Song> Uncle John's Band>
Stella Blue, I Know You Rider, Going Down the Road Feeling Bad, Attics of My Life E: Box of Rain
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Re: Vote for the Best of the 3 P & L Shows

#124190 2 years, 8 months ago
3rd was my favorite. lots of segues, jam heavy songs, they were there to play, and then some.

if i had to rank them in order...3rd, 1st, 2nd
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Terrapin Sedation
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Re: Vote for the Best of the 3 P & L Shows

#124196 2 years, 8 months ago
I think people are expecting a contest so I changed the name of thread
Terrapin Sedation
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Re: Vote for the Best of the 3 P & L Shows

#124199 2 years, 8 months ago
It was easier to ask this than decide.

Top to bottom, I'll have to pick 3 basically for reasons wlewis said. I loved all the teases too. And it didn't hurt having a crystal clear stream.

But I think my favorite set was set 2 on 2/16.
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Re: What was your fav of 3 P & L Shows?

#124201 2 years, 8 months ago
great recording 3rd night by Scott off the archive TS gave link for(1st notes Golden Road type review)
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Re: What was your fav of 3 P & L Shows?

#124209 2 years, 8 months ago
Based only on what I heard from here, and I fully understand it may have been significantly different to be in attendance,
but I would say 3rd night was best. 2nd night was 2nd best. And 1st night was 3rd best. But they were all really good.
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Re: What was your fav of 3 P & L Shows?

#124212 2 years, 8 months ago
I don't think you can go wrong with voting for any of the 3 days.

The Shakedown weekend opener completely set the tone. The SOTM>Just a little light set 1 closer were Jerry and Brent all rolled up in one. I love Rag too, I wish Furthur played it more often. I agree that the second set set list wise is pretty hard to beat.

The 2nd night was all Warren and I was glad to see him take charge. I had really missed him and had not seen him since the Dead's last show in Rothbury. In the bathroom before the start someone asked what they'd open with and I blurted out Althea not really thinking they would open with it but probably play it. Well that right there set the tone for me that night! The end of that set right through the 2nd set was a Warren Haynes ass kicking!! The Morning Dew reduced me to tears and forever left a mark in me. Which is why if I have to vote I have to pick night 2 for this simple reason.

The 3rd night was right up there believe me which makes choosing nearly impossible. Burt you are right, the jamming was flat out exploring the realms of space on night 3. We almost called that Viola Lee opener man!! Layla and Stella were a couple of the top moments of the entire 3 days. Jackie on banjo for Cumberland?? Damn!!

Ok now that I have written this I cannot no way pick a favorite of the 3. That usually is not the case. Were those guys really THAT good??
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Re: What was your fav of 3 P & L Shows?

#124221 2 years, 8 months ago
choosing between these 3 nights, like denverman said, is impossible. its like choosing your favorite child or something, or your favorite dream, or your favorite piece of fruit in the garden. id never seen phil and crew before, so this was a treat for me. been doing furthur since the beginning, but this was something else entirely, and it absolutely left a mark on me. to try and rank the nights and sets is not doable. for me it is all one big groove that started at 2pm on thursday and is just finally drawing down now. the whole thing was a highlight. ive never heard a passenger like that ever, probably never will again. the morning dew is already infamous. jackie singing halfstep was a standout, perfect voice and inflection for that tune. layala?!?! magic bus was a long time comin' and got everyone smiling huge, wharf rat was about as spaced as the forum family all was at the time... where does it all begin and end? let us not rank this experience by its dissociated parts, but by its synergistic totality, which for me was second to none, and to share it with the forum mob just topped it off. gold!
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Re: What was your fav of 3 P & L Shows?

#124261 2 years, 8 months ago
Man what a great few shows from Phil and Friends!!

I thought first night was very strong. Both sets were amazing and the encore of NFA was so rockin!

2nd night was even better! I was surprised to see an Estimated Prophet on the setlist. It was an awesome version! But the last 3 songs of the first set weren't doing much for me. But when they came out for 2nd set it was like a whole different band up there. They blew it away! From the begining of Passenger to the end of the set with Morning Dew! I loved this show!

3rd night was probably the best! But since it got real sad at the end of the show I'm not gonna chose this as my favorite. I thought Phil could have ended the run with maybe something a little less sad and more upbeat. But I did end up hearing the songs I wanted to hear. VLB, BirdSong, UJB, and the Cumberland was awesome!!! But during GDTRFB I was just watching the band make the music and Jeff's solo was so awesome it brought a few little tears to my eyes. Then Attics came on and o man here they come again. It was a great time in Colorado and some amazing shows! I wasn't ready for the journey to end. It flew by soo fast.

But all in all each show had their strong points. Its hard to choose a favorite.

Thanks Phil for a fresh breath of some Colorado air!!!
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Re: What was your fav of 3 P & L Shows?

#124263 2 years, 8 months ago
I couldn't agree more, no way is there a favorite.
Ist night set the tone for me, watching there interaction, Phil happier than I've seen him in a long time. Jackie was quite the spark plug pumping up everyone. A killer pride, doing that rag and just a little light was 1st set highlites for me. Scarlet-Fire is where John took off on his journey and Phill even had to hug him after his solo. Great night musically not to mention the energy of the FFF being together in the sweet spot on the floor took it to a new level.
2nd night was like returning home to the arena, we had it down pat. Estimated, Mississippi half step and ball & chain did it for me. OneGoodHand called this set from the start. Second set, WOW, Darkstar-Walrus-Darkstar-Morning Dew Just FN Nuts.
3rd show is always a little sad as the end is looming. Golden road-viola smoked. It was hard to believe we were just 2 songs into 1st set. The set ended with a driving cold rain and snow Wow. Last set really touched on soo many more songs than listed and shows that this group could go on for a along time beyond this weekend, which I hope they do. Hilites for me was st steven, 11, layla, bird song,and a sweet Attics. Bitter sweet as the run ends. It went way to fast for me and was soo hard to depart from our forum family.
Great run all around but favorite no way!
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