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Adventures in the Argonne Forest-WWI Diaries

#120859 2 years, 8 months ago
He fled across the farm country in rapid fashion, but slowed considerably when he reached the soft footing of the marshes. Corporal Samuel Salzman, of Cleveland, OH, saw his options rapidly diminishing as he knelt behind a row of tall bushes. He was reaching for a grenade when he sensed a shadow casting upon him and then noticed the business end of a rifle in his face. The German soldier beamed with his mustached face smiling broadly. His brass pointed helmet reflected moonlight. He looked down at the crouching Sam and surprised him by speaking in perfect English, with a slight Brit accent. “All right, let's be good gents and go along with this smartly”. Sam, covered in black filth and stinking rudely, placed his tongue against his roof of his mouth and summoned all the snot he could muster out of his grand proboscis. With a flip of his curled tongue he placed the vile load on the officer's well polished boot and proclaimed in a contemptuous voice, “You, sir, are no gentlemen. The German looked back quizzically for a moment and then used all his considerable might to crack the soiled footwear against against Sam's face, who recoiled sharply while spraying spit and blood across the ground. Disoriented but now beyond the barrel's aim, he lashed out with his whittling knife and gouged his assailant behind his right knee, causing him to buckle. After a brief struggle, Sam disappeared into the safety of darkness, doubling back along his prior route seeking an alternative outlet. His waterlogged, rat infested trench seemed like heaven now.
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