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How about a ticket sale lottery? Coming soon?

#120163 2 years, 8 months ago
Maybe not so soon.... but it's a start. I just don't like the facebook angle. But I love Mark Cuban. From what I know he's a real good, stand up guy.


Tired of sitting in front of a computer and desperately trying to snag tickets to the latest hot concert? Well, such stress might become a thing of the past with the recent announcement from AXS, the new partnership between Mark Cuban, Ryan Seacrest, talent agency CAA, and ticketing giant AEG.

Under the proposed "Fair AXS" ticketing system, those seeking to buy tickets to events would sign up for a reservation spot rather than battle against thousands of other ticket seekers when the seats go on sale. During the week leading up to the official on sale date, consumers would fill out their information in Fair AXS and provide a credit card number, then choose up to three sections of the venue they would like to purchase tickets in. If the demand for a section is greater than the number of available tickets for a particular event, Fair AXS will create a lottery system for distributing tickets.

At AEG's annual company meeting, Bryan Perez, President of Digital, Ticketing and Media, said that this new system would help prevent ticketing bots from purchasing large numbers of tickets and leaving the average consumer high and dry. According to Perez, the Fair AXS team will be able to look through the ticket reservations to remove suspect requests.

The Fair AXS system will also allow for easier ticket purchases for groups of friends. Rather than simply having one person buy tickets for a group and then have to hound friends to be paid back, Fair AXS will integrate with Facebook and send a specific purchase code to each individual to buy his or her own individual tickets while still being guaranteed seating with the group.

AXS also announced that the company is planning on working with several high profile corporations to increase ticket sales to their events. Among the names announced were ESPN, Coca-Cola, Target, and American Express.

As of now, no timeline has been announced for when Fair AXS will be launched, but if it is successful, it could certainly pave the way for other ticketing outlets implementing similar systems.
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