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Night Rider

#119923 2 years, 8 months ago
Walking briskly under the glow of a faceless moon. Cool air fills my coat sleeves as I navigate the sidewalks under Orion's watchful gaze. Sparkles and streaks are spilled across the night's sky. As the air warms, muscles relax and strides accelerate. Feeling so good that I can almost the shed the constraints of my earthbound shoes and float above the treeline.

A rush of wind flaps my clothing as car lights diminish. The black stillness is replaced with pulsating adrenalin as I latch on to the coattails of contrails, racing alongside the comets. I have to shield my eyes as the brilliance of heavenly bodies shine in stunning contrast to the everlasting darkness. Cheeks redden and eyes water in the tumult of the torrent. There is a great danger in this space without boundaries, where the edges of the universe threaten eternal limbo. My heart races with excitement and fear. The rotation of the planets suspend in a symphonic silence as my flight bends in an impossibly slow arch with the apex of the soaring journey.

The clap of my heels against asphalt announces my return to the street - at least it seems that way. Pedestrians tell me their life story with a glance. Groups huddle in front of sympathetic storefronts. Bricks are sincere. Lamps project a muted warmth behind second story shades. I smile and turn towards home where I am confronted by a worrisome moon, who reluctantly smiles back.

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