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Whatchya' Got?

#118734 2 years, 8 months ago
What do you have?
Have you taken inventory?
It's not what's in your pocket
Or hanging around your neck, like a locket

It's in the air around you
Ringing in the words you find true
Do you still feel the ecstasy
Like you did in the days when you found me?

I've got creaky knees
So you can hear me coming
I've got you in the morning
When I can give to you all of my loving

I've got two arms to hold you
Wrestler's grip, you'll never get away
I've got two fists to tighten
Flailing hard, to fight off all your enemies

I've got fading vision
Have to wear my bifocals
I can see past the future
I've read every book that anyone has ever written

You wonder why I run so fast
Can't let the demons catch me
Trying to tear us asunder
And set me drifting, listless, alone at sea

I've got no piles of riches
Don't drive a very fancy car
I've got but one heart to give
Give it to you as long as we both shall live

I've got this world on a string
I can see the envy in all their eyes
People reaching out to touch me
Trying to break off, some of the magic, I've got inside

Sometimes I look away
Turn back to see you crying
Your heart's filled with nervous worry
When you've forgotten that my love's undying

I've got two shoes for walking
I keep them in the closet
Don't have any reason to go
I made sure our bow is tied and knotted

I'm with you until the end
You've got my firm commitment
I've got these words to send
Hoping that you will permit me to do so.

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Re: Whatchya' Got?

#118748 2 years, 8 months ago
If that's not already the plan for your better half, that's what I'd want to see in my Valentine, if I got one! Made me smile.
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