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ever buy a car just to go on tour

#118560 2 years, 8 months ago
i have an ol 70 chevy c20 taht i love and its great for the dirt roads and haulin wood etc. i love her, but she aint no tour mobil, so i might try and pic up a cheap lil hatch back or whatever hando/toyoto/nissan/fukin ford escort/ chevette if it still runs, you know a car that you can tune up ,and it will hopefully get you to all the shows(burnin more oil than fuel sometimes) and home again, but worst case, you can ditch it, and continue on our without taking a major loss, you know. i believe they used to call them pos'sh. lol, but you know anyway, thats my story and im stickin to it. it has to run, thats my rule, i have to be able to drive it around for like 30 minutes befor i buy it, then check it out, cause sometimes you can get a car to run for a few min. but itll shit out after a whle, or the fukn power steerin will go out, or god knows what, either way, this might be cheaper and might get me back home to ol'kaintucky to see my fam. and adoring fans. it would be nice to just drive you know, just head south when you got cold north when you got hot. i miss dem days,"gone are the days we stop to decide where we should go we just ride..." is 33 too young to have a midlife crisis, i mean what if i die at like 59, im over due.
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