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Re: Wow, drug agent exposed to 1000 hits of acid

#119630 2 years, 8 months ago
The story I am talking about with Mickey's kids came from a video I had where his wife tells the story.. I could probably find it again..
will work for doses
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Re: Wow, drug agent exposed to 1000 hits of acid

#119642 2 years, 8 months ago
i did uh lot of tryppun in my years on THIS planet and did lots and lots of hits of acid and stuff and eyem juz fine wutts thuh problum?
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Re: Wow, drug agent exposed to 1000 hits of acid

#119880 2 years, 8 months ago
In my opinion, LSD is Physically harmless. It can cause some mental harm especially if the subject is already prone to mental problems. I also believe that after a certain dose LSD no longer causes a stronger affect. The LD50 dose of LSD is so high that no normal (no one that actually produces the stuff in large quantities) human being will ever be able to take that much. The problem in modern days is getting what you think is "LSD" and it actually being something else. I believe that most substances in that category of "drug" takes an unattainable dose for the every day user to "overdose." I am no scientist but if you are mentally sound and know what you are getting into I think everything will go back to normal within 36 hours (or after a couple MG of Xanax). Even if you are inexperienced or in the case of this DEA agent, just not a regular user, everything will be fine. I can see how he could have some bad memories of the experience but that he "cant read books" anymore? I was on a thing where i couldn't watch movies for about a year but now I'm back to "normal" Granted I didn't ingest "1000" hits through my face but seriously, how in the fuck can they say that he ingested 1000 hits through razor burn? Did he rub crystal LSD on the bare (broken) skin of his face? If not, I think this is just an elaborated story....
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Re: Wow, drug agent exposed to 1000 hits of acid

#119943 2 years, 8 months ago
I, in my younger years, have stuck my hands large amounts of LSD dissolved in solvent, and it never did more than get me high. A friend who did that got his girlfriend very high while having sex with her once, so after doing something like that, make sure you wash your hands! Also, through the hands, it takes much longer to kick in, and doesn't absorb all that well.

That story the cop tells on the video rings of utter BS. One pupil large and one small? Indicative of neurological damage? 15 minutes more and he would have died? A little valium and it saved his life? Nearly every part of that story is just absurd, especially to people with any actual LSD experience.

I guess they still have to try and use propaganda to demonize drugs, as though it's ever worked in the past... There is a possibility that people with mental instability can have their problems exacerbated, but for people who are otherwise healthy, it's highly unlikely there would be any lasting damage, even after a traumatic trip.

It sounds to me, if there is any truth in this, that the guy spent his life and career trying to avoid taking psychedelics and drugs due to propaganda he was taught as a police officer. In this situation, when he had accidentally ingested LSD, he probably panicked, was certain he was in big trouble, and freaked himself out thinking there could be any lasting problems.

People can develop mental problems from experiencing severe mental trauma, and I would venture to bet that is possible to someone who has only been told how awful psychedelics are their entire life. Not to mention, being a deceitful narc, who has to pretend to be very good friends with people to try and destroy their lives for a job, has to be pretty heavy on someone's conscience, when the doors of perception are opened so widely.

That entire video, in which this clip was taken from, actually shows many positive stories and aspects about psychedelics, and this particular story is the only one that really gives much argument toward the negative side. Also, while it actually had some nice views in other parts, it did have other inaccuracies.

For instance, in the part about ayahuasca, where it talks about the ayahuasca vine, it says that the vine contains DMT, which is absolutely false. The vine contains betacarbolines, as the actives, which are harmine, harmaline, and tetrahydroharmine. The vine and the alkaloids it contains are legal in the the United States, as well.. Our bodies and brains, also contain DMT, and it can be produced endogenously, so everyone's body is technically illegal in the USA, since we're all a bunch of drug factories! The vine (Banestiriopsis caapi) that contains these harmala alkaloids, causes monoamine oxidase-A (MAO-A) inhibition, which is what prevents the dimethyltryptamine (DMT), which is contained in the leaves that are added to the brew in the video, from being broken down rapidly by the stomach. Without the vine (containing the harmala alkaloids), or another MAO inhibitor, DMT is not orally active, and would not cause a trip at all, unless isolated and smoked or absorbed through mucosal membranes. The vine alone can give a nice body buzz, and in higher doses can provide a somewhat visual experience, but does not cause the extremely vivid visual distortions and hallucinations that DMT can cause.

If they don't fact check for things as simple to find out as this, especially when presenting people as experts, such as the girl from a California university that they claim is their scientific expert on the subject, then I am highly suspicious of this man's story.

Overall, the entire program wasn't too bad, and didn't paint psychedelics in such a bad light, aside from this story, but I would have enjoyed it much more if they would have been more accurate, and really showed some sort of scientific proof, rather than just testimonials.
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