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Re: Damn...Neil Young

#118274 2 years, 8 months ago
The greatness of the early stuff goes without saying.

Amercian Star 'N Bars 1977 is really good . A lot of country, but his tones work great with the songs.

I like Ragged Glory's guitar production A LOT, and Neil's solos are really good, greatly because of that. Fuckin' Up (jagged, goofy, and uncomfortable in classic Neil fashion), Love to Burn, and Love and Only Love are all good tracks.

Harvest Moon 1992...had this been recorded in a vintage studio, it would fit well with the solid pre-'75 albums. It has the songsmithing and consistency - really good album.

Le Noise and A Treasure were decent albums. His instrument from Le Noise made me want to hear him play with Earth and maybe do a collaborative album. Young with that instrument and in that context could really delivery something special.

Be sure to track down a copy of Chrome Dreams 2CD version.

about Le Noise:
"But the core of the album is its extraordinary sound: a wide-screen intimacy conjured by just a voice and a guitar. Lanois had a surprise waiting for Young when he walked into his studio for the first time. The producer handed the singer a tricked-out acoustic guitar that made it sound like a small orchestra: a beefed-up bass response on the lower two strings, a pickup that re-creates the sound of the human voice and allows it to loop and echo through the song, and a tremolo amplifier.

“You get four dimensions of sound out of one acoustic guitar, and I thought it might inspire him to play a certain way,” Lanois says. “We got the clarity of the guitar with a rich, beautiful bottom, a great subsonic sound with no mumbo-jumbo. It started with that sound on that guitar and we recorded two songs. Then, at the end of the first session, we went electric on the song ‘Hitchhiker.’ That’s when things really started getting interesting.”

The hollow-body electric guitar was channeled through two amplifiers, one clean-sounding and the other for tremolo effect. Lanois saw even greater potential: “We covered both ends of the sound spectrum with the guitar. It’s got this cutting, razor-drill sound and this beautiful bass tone with sweet melody on the other end.”

Young, not prone to hyperbole in interviews, was blown away by the guitar sounds Lanois was able to capture: “It sounded like God.” -Greg Kot
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Re: Damn...Neil Young

#118278 2 years, 8 months ago
mullysalt wrote:
Albuquerque. Never saw NY perform it but I did see phish tear it up at Alpine Valley. I saw NY at Pine Knob with Blind Melon and Soundgarden open for him. NY's band that night was Booker T and the MG's AWESOMENESS!!!

Seen Neil play it solo acoustic. Love that tune!
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