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Re: Furthur Spring Tour By The Numbers

#11836 3 years, 6 months ago
TheBarnPresents wrote:

I do respect accuracy and welcome identification of errors, so thanks for your diligence.

- Muli Guli was a typographical error (corrected now)
- All song lists are sourced from the setlists from Furthur.net. If a song appears on the "official" setlist here, then it is put into my stats. Jam is on the 4/1/11 setlist as a write in between Mexicali and Quinn - www.furthur.net/tours?task=details&gigcal_gigs_id=60. I have listened to this and it does appear to be a standalone jam unconnected to Mexicali
- I have had to do some manual cleanup, given how some things have been listed on the official setlists (e.g. Piano Solo, Breathe Reprise and other song titles of debatable origin were listed on the song list on furthur.net)
- There are probably a handful of other things that could still be cleaned up (e.g. Terrapin vs. Terrapin Suite, Weather Report Prelude, Pt. 1, Pt 2); but for the most part I think the data list is 99%+ accurate and is good enough to paint a picture of what went down on the tour
- Remember, this is for fun. Nobody lives or dies based on Furthur songlist information. Your posts criticizing the analysis have come across as severe and pompous rather than helpful which is what I found annoying, especially since I state that I welcome corrections / suggestions right on the page and the suggestions that you had made previously were actually incorporated

If you want to discuss further or see raw data, please take off the board and email me at info @ thebarnpresents . com

Sorry you took it that way, but it was basically disbelief that those items would have been included. I couldn't wrap my head around that type of typo.

Obviously I am fully aware that no one lives or dies regarding this topic, just as is true with any other topic on this board or elsewhere on the internet that is derived from a message board contributor.
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Re: Furthur Spring Tour By The Numbers

#11869 3 years, 6 months ago
This is awesome dude!!!

Thanks for the work you put into this!!!

Love the graphs!!
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Re: Furthur Spring Tour By The Numbers

#11901 3 years, 6 months ago
TheBarnPresents wrote:
@LaMong Stay tuned.... We are working on it

Awesome- You thinking of just having Furthur shows or all GD and related acts (phil&friends, ratdog)?
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