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Muddy Das
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Re: whats the weirdest thing youve seen in a show

#117234 2 years, 9 months ago
strangerinboulder wrote:
During drums at the Rosemont Horizon(All-State Arena) on 4/11/89 I had to use the stall. They were all taken, with the exception of one, or so I thought. The door was barely ajar, so I opened it, + to my surprise somebody was really "getting off " on drums. Luckily, one opened up shortly there after. I never seen the little rounder run so fast.

hey i was at that show..kinda glad i didn't see that...
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Re: whats the weirdest thing youve seen in a show

#117361 2 years, 8 months ago
Guess it wasn't really weird..just kinda funny. 4t of July, Bonner Springs Kansas, 91... the overweight naked guy walking around

the lot talking to himself after the show, obviously

quite high. He then decides to lay down and look up at the stars...all on a huge concrete parking lot hill flooded with light.

Next thing you know, people notice him and begin to squat next to him with balloons and getting their pictures taken

without him noticing at all! We found his pants and daintily picked them up and placed them on his belly while checking to

make sure he was ok... he was...smiling.
Peals of fragile thunder...keeping time...
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Re: whats the weirdest thing youve seen in a show

#117380 2 years, 8 months ago
bluetrainsugaree wrote:
Was anyone on the floor of last year's Broomfield shows? There was a bundle of stuff covered up by a tapestry that was the size of a VW bug. I think it was my own trippy / paranoid self that kept thinking someone was trying to hide a sick friend or two. I guess my imagination gets going a bit too far sometimes, but seriously, why bring in so much crap to a show where we could be dancin!

I was centered, between the stage, + the boards. I think that was the only thing I didn't see.
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Re: whats the weirdest thing youve seen in a show

#117383 2 years, 8 months ago
Maybe not so much weird as it was entertaining....

Irvine Meadows shows: the place used to be Lion Country Safari, a drive through wild animal park. When it was converted to a concert venue, there was still a big area between the venue and the parking lot that held rhinos & zebras. You could sit up on the hill and watch the tie-dyed shirts dart from rock to tree, trying not be be seen by both security and the rhinos. Quite entertaining. They Lways got caught when they got to the venue fence as it was pretty much in plain sight but one has to admire the dedication.

At Shoreline one tiime, there was a bungee jumping apparatus set up. We had binoculars so we sat up on the lawn and watched people bungee jump. We'd look at their faces right before and right after they took the plunge. Pretty funny - lots of people had 2nd thoughts at the top.
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