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The day Jerry died...

#114913 2 years, 9 months ago
august 9, 1995
I just got off the phone with a friend who was telling me I needed to go see Grateful Dead again. I had see many shows up until about 1990 and took a hiatus. I wasn't jamming with the scene much around then, and though i still loved the band, I felt they'd seen better days and it was same with me. I left it all for some personal reasons.

I hung up and thought, he was right. To this day I'll never forget him saying, 'you never know when Jerry could go, or when it could all end'.

So, jazzed about getting my tickets for some fall shows, i hoped on my bike to work.

When I arrived, my friend, GD fan with many shows under his belt as well looked distraught. He handed me a fax with one line at the top that read that Jerry had passed away.

I was overwhelmed, and of course, asked a million questions no one could answer. The fax was from a friend in California.

That night, it hit me harder and I shed some tears. My girlfriend at the time knew how much I loved Jerry and the band and while she didn't really get it all, she was there for me.

Thought I'd share it here. If anyone has a story they'd like to share about that day, I'd love to hear it.
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Re: The day Jerry died...

#114925 2 years, 9 months ago
It's surely a day I'll never forget. I think I posted the long story in August, but the short one is that I was at work, in my office and my Dad called to say "that Grateful Dead guy you like died", that he'd seen it on CNN. I didn't believe him at first, didn't want to. I just shut the door and had a meltdown, then left early and headed home to call friends and to watch that horrible CNN report over and over again and cry my eyes out. Still makes me cry.

I don't want to go through that again anytime soon. Stay well and safe, boys!!!
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Re: The day Jerry died...

#114926 2 years, 9 months ago
I remember the day well, and I think about it often. I've always loved Jerry and I had a fair amount of GD / Jerry Band shows under my belt when he passed. And I was living and breathing the GD every way possible (while functioning as a professional too).

But when I heard the news I was saddened, but I never cried for him back them. I really don't know why. I think I may have been upset at Jerry for not taking better care of himself after the miraculous recovery from his coma (Like he owed me a freaking thing.. ). Or maybe I "knew" he was not well, he was still playing with his flashes of brilliance, but there was a dark undercurrent, he was always losing his voice, forgetting too many lines. So maybe I expected it on some level.

Or maybe I was simply upset that the tickets I had for the upcoming shows would never be used (I do cherish that ticket - I never sent it back for $ - it's "Jerry" to me in a strange sense).

Today I feel the loss much deeper. Especially when I hear a clip of Jerry in his prime, belting it out. Like so many roads yesterday or Standing on the Moon today.

Perhaps misguided, but I also sort of blame Deborah Koons for his passing.

Mostly I feel sorry for Jerry. I find myself thinking Poor Jerry more and more often.

Sleep well sweet Jerry, and thanks for everything. You did change the world brother. Because of YOU the world IS a better place.
FFF! Family is Forever!!!

May God bless and keep you always
May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others
And let others do for you
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Re: The day Jerry died...

#114928 2 years, 9 months ago
I was at a pool tournament in Vegas, making money and partying with old friends from the East Coast, about 10pm or so we went up to a room to continue the festivities, I had just hooked up the boom box and put in my favorite tape at the time 6.18.74. Someone put the TV on (without sound) and I glanced at it and there was a picture of Jerry on CNN with his dates. My heart dropped and I knew he was gone.

Well it was about midnight at this time, I had to get home to Northern California, so we hopped in to the convertible mustang I rented and out in to the Nevada desert for the 10 hour ride home.

As I lay in the back seat with the top down, I noticed dozens and dozens of shooting stars streaking across the night time sky, I remember thinking at the time that the heaven must be celebrating now that Jerry was now with them (I later learned it was actually the Perseid meteor shower).

It was a awful ride made worse by accidentally listening to Howard Stern rip the shit out of Jerry and us Deadheads on the worst day of my life. My non-head friends driving thought I was asleep but I was awake and Howard was just shitting on all that I loved. For some reason I could gather the strength to ask them to turn it off, it was the only station that would come in and I was just too numb to protest, so I just listened and thought about all the years up to then.

1995 East Coast Summer Tour was the first tour I skipped in 8 years, we figured we'd take the summer off and chill in our new cabin in Sonoma County then head off for Fall Tour but we all know how that story goes. It was a terrible time that took me a while to get over.

To this day my biggest regret about the whole thing is not going to the memorial in the Golden Gate Park. My wife and I sat there watching the TV coverage knowing we should be there but I was just too distraught to make the effort (awful decision on my part, maybe my worst ever:( )
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Re: The day Jerry died...

#114931 2 years, 9 months ago
I was on a camping trip to Bar Harbor Maine with some college folks. I remember it was a drizzly day and we were driving back from the shore, kicking over rocks for crabs, checking out tide pools, and looking for seals. Anyways, we were driving back and all the favorite station everyone liked to listen to up there was playing Grateful Dead the whole ride back, as were some other stations. That tipped my off and I remember saying to other folks that something is wrong. Ever have someone close you die and you just know it before you hear the news? I think it was more the community mourning that I was picking up on. Anyways, we all met for dinner that night and this college chick (well now we are married, a complete other story) broke the news to me. It took a few minutes but it hit me. I just feel like talking and even had little interest in my beer. In my college years, no interest in beer means I'm feeling pretty lousy. When she asked me if I was alright, I choked out the word sure, then had to go pretend to take a piss to wipe the tear from my eye. Well, the next Day a bought me a Jerry shirt. It is 2 sizes too small now, but funny thing is me and my daughter dressed up her mannequin she recently used for a school project. It is wearing the Jerry shirt. My daughter said I now have someone to go see music with (my wife is not into it). I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, but I did end up laughing because I was thinking the same thing.

Here's my new show buddy.
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Re: The day Jerry died...

#114932 2 years, 9 months ago
Here she is. She needs a little work

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Re: The day Jerry died...

#114933 2 years, 9 months ago
There's a great book out there on this....a collection of stories & rememberances...

Not Fade Away: The Online World Remembers Jerry Garcia

Edited and with an introduction by David Gans
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Re: The day Jerry died...

#114937 2 years, 9 months ago
I was working at TheWiz at the time and my friend who ran the music section was playing grateful dead in the store which he never did despite my constant pleading. He found me and asked if I heard that Jerry had died. I really didn't beleive him but left the store and sat on the curb outside and cried. I cry whenever I think of that day. I know Jerry is in our hearts and watches out for us and the community.
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Re: The day Jerry died...

#114939 2 years, 9 months ago
I had pretty much stopped listening to the Dead in '95 but for some reason on the morning of August 9th I decided to dig into my box of cassettes for an old gem to listen to on the way to work. As I arrived to work I was blasting Row Jimmy from my truck and a friend from New York called me on my cell with the news. It was losing a family member. RIP Jerry
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Re: The day Jerry died...

#114973 2 years, 9 months ago
Jerry's dead! O no
And I'm going to sit right here until I die
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