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Dragon & Start Me Up

#113452 2 years, 8 months ago
About NYE ... the dragon at midnight is awesome. Must have been really exciting to be there. Perhaps there's been a discussion here already about the choice of 'Start Me Up' but if so, I haven't seen it.

Any insight on why they'd use that song beyond the obvious lyrics? I find it a bit of a tired song personally and found the dragon as described during the live stream that night and then recently in video on this site, totally amazing. The song doesn't quite live up to the energy of the stage event for me. Is there a deeper meaning?

(again, if i was there, I might not be asking this)
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Re: Dragon & Start Me Up

#113460 2 years, 8 months ago
It was alright, it kinda gave me some energy when the started playing start me up. I liked it personally. Not as good as 09 nye when they played all you need is love. I loved all the nye shows but I still think the 09 midnight show was the best.
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Re: Dragon & Start Me Up

#113461 2 years, 8 months ago
Only thing that struck me is, it's the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary year.

Did you notice the dragon video on Furthur home page. Was probably there a few weeks before I noticed it because I come straight here.
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Re: Dragon & Start Me Up

#113476 2 years, 8 months ago
i wish they'd skip the theatrics and just play more music

good ol GD magic in any form is light years more enjoyable than a cardboard dragon and some lame overplayed poppy rock song...all the furthur nye moments ive seen i have found to be really cheesy and boring...im not at the show to think about the new year and overplay the importance of my life in my head putting "memories" on pedestals, or get a big ego boost from being "kind" with my "phamily", im here to see searing GD music...

the parade at phils b-day show, 3/12/10, was AWESOME, for one reason...they played a not fade away jam during the parade. the music gave a wonderful vibe and the parade almost seemed to move to the beat. it was joyus, and seemed like a true GD party, because the tunes and vibrations that carried us and the band thru history, time and space were playing as the celebration happened...with the NYE moments im just waiting for the band to come back on stage and thinking about what a cheesy overplayed song is on the PA. tho i will say, hearing edgard varese during this year's nye moment was GREAT! he is one of my favorite composers and an incredible experimental musician...this i thought was more in tune with what i want out of a show...musical experimentation, epic-ness, loud, punchy, face-melting..."start me up" and "all you need is love" is just a bit...lame.
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