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Re: TOO vs The Dead vs Furthur

#111281 2 years, 9 months ago
"my point is every incarnation was said ti be "best ever".

This is by far my favorite of The Grateful Dead in carnations...

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Re: TOO vs The Dead vs Furthur

#111282 2 years, 9 months ago
For ME it's hands down Furthur. I too have seen every after act from the GD. It's the right personal at exactly the right time with JK bringing the PERFECT Lead guitar without his ego and other projects getting in the way. I will again see the other projects but prolly won't travel very far to do so as I'm giving Furthur most of my free time and $$$. I hope that all the different bands come close enough for me to see them this year.
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Re: TOO vs The Dead vs Furthur

#111315 2 years, 9 months ago
killwhyT wrote:
We seem to 'discuss' this on all the different boards every few months. Short version: there is a big schism between Warren and JK. I personally have had a blast at the 14 Furthur shows I've been to and expect to do the same at the next six, come on April. But I seriously want to hear Drumz/Space and Billy/Mickey and I always thought Warren fucking killed it. No disrespect to Furthur but to quote a fellow at a show last summer' I wish it was Billy hittin them drums'. I agree. I just don't like $100 tickets and all the trash that the big tours attract. I never saw a show between November 91 until summer 2004.

I more or less agree with the above sentiment. I didn't do any of TOO's shows though I heard they were "like a Dead show" from a head pal of mine. I saw The Dead '04, '05, '09 and by far, the '09 tour/line up was the best for me (I found the tour with Joan really distracting because it was like watching a groupie twirl around on stage and it bugged me for some reason), but I agree that I don't like all the hype that comes with a big Dead Tour, all the lookie loos who come out of the woodwork to say they went to a show. It seems like a lot of folks went to those shows "just because", the ticket prices are sky high, and there is a lot of hoopla that you have to deal with. I agree with the above that Warren killed it on the '09 tour - I know some don't care for his style but I thought it was great without being a Jerry clone.

All that aside, I find that Furthur provides me with the most Dead-like show experience with much less bullshit and hype, compared to the previous incarnations. And as much as I've had my issues with JK's imitation playing, I feel that this past year he's starting to leave the "WWJD" moments on the floor and play more like himself - to me he sounds less like he's copying and more like he's just responding and that pleases me.

I don't think you can really compare/contrast the past incarnations because for each one - at that time - they were our only options to enjoy this music live, performed by at least most of the original cast of characters. So for each iteration (hey, try finding an iteration flower!) I think they were great for that time period because each one was trying to keep the music alive, and to me, that's the most important thing. So I can't answer this question really.

For someone who couldn't answer the question I sure did write a lot didn't I?!
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Re: TOO vs The Dead vs Furthur

#111324 2 years, 9 months ago
i hav to say that i like furthur the best by far. i really like johns voice and his guitar technique, you can hear jerry deep down inside of him, and at the same time it never sounds like he is trying to be or copy jerry. John is able to fulfill our need for the Jerry style guitar and he manages to add his own flavor into the songs we all love. I must say that i really do not enjoy when warren haynes plays, don't really have a good reason, its just how i feel.
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Re: TOO vs The Dead vs Furthur

#111329 2 years, 9 months ago
I like Warren with the Allmans and Govt. Mule, but I found with The Dead, he didn't quite fit. I enjoyed TOO, The Dead 03-04, 09, but I think Furthur is turning out to be my favorite, so far. Warren's jams didn't seem to really fit the GD style of music, IMO. I liked his singing but his solos left me wanting more. I enjoyed some of Jimmy Herring's guitar work, with TOO and The Dead, much more than Warren's.

When I took the whole family for the Dead for Obama rally at Penn State I was a bit disappointed, I think partly because of where I was sitting, the sound quality wasn't the greatest, but also because Warrens licks just didn't really accentuate the music, and it seemed a lot of the time he was trying to power through some of the jams, rather than cooling it out and letting it all come together.

When JK first started with Furthur, I would listen to shows where they didn't quite have it together, and heard several shows that were slower paced, or where they weren't all on the same rhythm. I can recall a few big festivals where I found that Darkstar Orchestra had a higher energy show, that actually got me dancing more. But since the mid to later 2010 tours, it seems JK has been coming into his own, and going for it a bit more. Jeff is obviously the man on keys, and all the time these guys (and gal) spend together, it sure seems that they are tighter than ever. I haven't been disappointed with a Furthur show, but I do find some better than others.

I have enjoyed a lot of every incarnation, including the boys' side projects, and saw a bunch of awesome Phil and Friends, and Ratdog shows, but I think Furthur has to be the one that combines most of my favorite elements together, and really does it for me.
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Re: TOO vs The Dead vs Furthur

#111370 2 years, 9 months ago
i guess i could add an interesting perspective. someone who did not see a show until 2002. after being hooked on GD recordings i took my first foray into the scene at a phil lesh show in the summer of 02. i really enjoyed it but it didn't remind me of the grateful dead all that much. not being on the bus at this point, i hadn't the slightest idea about terrapin station reunion in alpine valley not even a month later. i did see the other ones that fall and that was when it really started happening, i was getting hooked. saw many dead shows in 2003/2004 and i had a great time and learned a lot about the catalog of tunes. i was graduating high school in 2005 and i was really looking forward to a summer tour announcement, me and a friend had it all figured out we were going. well, that never came to fruition (the tour) and they would go on hiatus until 2008. i ended up in college and i attended a generous amount of phil lesh and ratdog shows during that time. i did see the deadheads for obama show, but really in hindsight it was a mediocre show. novelty factor was through the roof. the hype beat out the playing in that case. that spring i actually won tickets thru ratdog's website to catch that show at roseland ballroom where they did 3 little shows in nyc and you could only win the tickets.. and that was a precursor a handful of spring 09 dead shows. fast forward to that fall, my final semester in school. furthur announced their 3 night stand at oakland. i almost went. the only reason i didn't was because i had just started my student teaching. i couldn't bail on what i'd been working at for 4 years. i skipped the shows but when theya nnounced the 5 night NE run, i bought singles for both asbury park shows. i was hooked the first night. i had finally been delivered the show i was looking for for 7 years. after that weekend i realized i had nothing but time and energy, and i wanted to see as many more from that lineup as possible. a little over 2 years and 92 shows later i'm still dying to see what they'll do next. this band is doing it for me. it's scratching my itch, and then some. that is not to take anything away from previous projects, as i enjoyed every lineup, but i love what i love and i want it that way.
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Re: TOO vs The Dead vs Furthur

#111375 2 years, 9 months ago
Strider1 wrote:
Each incarnation was the best ever, at the time.

The good thing is they keep taking it Furthur!

I really like what you say here strider. Right on the mark. I won't even go into it any furthur... hahaha furthur!! Well other than that Furthur IS the best!!!!!!
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Re: TOO vs The Dead vs Furthur

#111385 2 years, 9 months ago
Don't get me wrong.....Warren is a great guitarist, but his sound...he can't seem to get away from the Allman Bro's sound.

When the "Dead" played (and we saw them at The Gorge) it was almost painful when those signiture Jerry licks were either

missing all together, or it sounded like "southern fried Dead" as I've heard it called. Then, when John came on and Furthur

started touring, we were all like AHHH, at last, someone who can play somewhat like Jerry and bring back those signiture

liks. If John could spark up like Warren does and still mantain the Jerry style, WOW!

In all actuality, no person out there can sound exactly like Jerry due to the fact that his take on music and guitar playing

was different than most can even comprehend.....
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Re: TOO vs The Dead vs Furthur

#111397 2 years, 9 months ago
98s energy level was off the chart.
between then until they did the dead with warren, i was on the ratdog bus, and ratdog kicks ass.
the dead was the shit, but warren and herring was always an odd fit.
i think furthur is the best, but is sorely lacking bill and mickey.
i would let bill and mickey pick a new lead if they would play with furthur, but i wouldnt sacrifice jeff.
sorry john. NYE was the best, but if i was keepin score, jeff won.
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Re: TOO vs The Dead vs Furthur

#111413 2 years, 9 months ago
Furthur's the best ensemble since Jerry parted. Opinion number one. No one drummer could possibly fill what Bill and Micky did, but Russo does it ridiculously well. Opinion number two. Wuz listening to a couple '88 bootlegs and wondering if JK would be left on stage noodling to hearts content at beginning of drums? I enjoy JK's sound as an homage to Jerry, unique, yet so familiar as to bring about a fine reminiscence. Wondering if Doug Irwin's been consdered/ing a guitar for JK? I know allot of folks are not giving it up sufficiently for John, shit I can't even be bothered to get his last name straight. I sure am psyched for his chops, humility, and capability. Somehow, while I find Jeff C. fully tearing it up, minus Hammond dives, JK's not driving the Jam as much as I'd like. Hard to put my finger on it. Great voice, great playing . . . not Jerry, that's OK . . . still not Jerry, still OK . . . Really thankful for JK. Jimmy Herring and Warren Haynes truly great players, ever hear Frogwings sickness. Steve Kimoc, Jerry's pick at a point, another great player, somehow didn't bring me there like Futhur does. Even though I miss Mickey and Bill, I wouldn't want to lose what we have . . . est es problema? No? No.
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