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Walk With Me

#111036 2 years, 9 months ago
I like it when, the snow is light and fluffy
And you can roll and roll
Without it sticking to your back

I like when, we walk without the string on
And I can chase the squirrels
All the way down to the river

I like it when, you leave the window open
And I can feel like
I'm flying through air

I don't mind it when, you drive away without me
Cause I always know when it's
Ten minutes before you're home

I'll be waiting, by the door to see you
And you'll hug me and you'll
Tell me that you missed me

You could never do, any wrong in my eyes
Your every word
Is magic to my ears

But you lose me
When you make plans for tomorrow

Why can't we just
Go and play right now?

And you lose me
When you wrap yourself in sorrow

We're together
On this earth right now

So get the string
Let's go and see the neighbors

I love you more
With every step we take.

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