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Fresh Jam Radio

#110798 2 years, 9 months ago
If you use an iPhone ....
I would like to suggest the purchase of the app "Fresh Jam Radio" Its like a couple bucks but well worth it. They have a 24/7 stream of SBD recordings.
if you dont use an iphon... freshjamradio.com/

Right now they are streaming the new years run in Frisco.. just thought I would share because I was listening while browsing the forum here. I was thinking man... this is a really good weather report suite, I wish I coulda been at these shows!

How bout bob totally flubbing the lyrics to Tennessee Jed.. I had to laugh.

Anyways its worth checking out. Sometimes they stream some kinda lame stuff im not gunna lie. Like I dont really get in to Umphreys too much.. or Lotus.. But other than that its usually really good. they Tend to stream shows shortly after they happen too which is cool. I got to hear a lot of the soundboards the same night while on Cheese tour. One time they ever streamed a John Kadlecik solo show... heyy thats NEAT!

Free music guys.. its a gift. Just like gravity.
In the end theres just a song.. Its cryin' down the wind!
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