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Vibes V.I.P. ticket

#11077 3 years, 6 months ago
I wonder what the view is from the VIP tent.

Does anybody know how close to the stage it is?

It cost $150 and I have heard good things about it especially the food and the comfy couches. There is a rail to view the show but I wonder where it is located. thanks.
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Re: Vibes V.I.P. ticket

#11103 3 years, 6 months ago
i started doing this my last 2 vibes. great fun.looking at the stage from the field,the vip tent is to the right of the stage.between the tent and the stage is a fenced off elevated viewing platform.accessed from the tent.my guess is over 100 ft from the stage rail.
to be honest,its not the perfect "line of sight" set up.its fine,just not perfect. it works for me and the rest of my friends for a bunch of reasons.good bathrooms,cheaper priced beer,a couch near by to chill if needed.water,juice,iced coffee. we spend maybe a 3rd of our time in the tent.usually as a "breather".chill,re-hydrate.then back to the field. we already bought our vip tix this year.so far 11 people are in the caravan from rochester and all but 2 are vip veterans .
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Re: Vibes V.I.P. ticket

#11136 3 years, 6 months ago
I went for it. A good deal all around with a free Vibes 2011 poster.

It has a catered lunch too!

So I inquired about my kind of food and customer service said:

There will be vegan food available in the VIP tent. You are also
welcome to bring any food you like into the tent. The only stipulation
is food from VIP may not leave the tent. Peace,

and of course regular food too.

Mike Dubois has done all the previous posters. Yay.

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Re: Vibes V.I.P. ticket

#11139 3 years, 6 months ago
I haven't ever been, but I figured it was worth $150 to have the opportunity to get out of the heat if necessary and chill.

Thanks for the info about the food.

I am so psyched for this tour...wish I could Rip Van Winkle it and wake up about 15 July.
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Re: Vibes V.I.P. ticket

#11143 3 years, 6 months ago
Last year I won a VIP pass... first experience with that... My pass didn't include the meal(s) just snacks, but I was able to grab a beer at a discount when I wanted to, basic snacks, cold drinks, etc. It was a comfy space & was cool to be able to get out of the sun for a bit... Sound was good because of extra speakers inside, also there were video monitors. There's a fenced in area facing the stage from the right with tables & chairs, but what was great, and new last year, was the large elevated platform located in the center if the concert field, probably about 30 yards back, stage level- just for those with VIP access- not attached to the tent, btw. It was really fun, but would I pay all that extra $$ for the family? Probably not, but ask me again if it rains a lot this year. Last year, weather was perfect.
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Re: Vibes V.I.P. ticket

#11231 3 years, 6 months ago
Got to go VIP for one Sunday at vibes in 08. Watched Jackie Green sitting next to John Molo passin a pipe around... a rare and wonderful moment for me. Vibes has those two stages that they rotate when the band is playing on the farthest stage i left the VIP to stand with the people but when it was the closer stage, your right there, good times and views for sure.

i didn't pay for my pass it was a kick down but still it was amazing. good luck! oh and the best thing from my perspective was that if it rains your covered and have good views, i guess now that i think about it, it was probably good for keeping the rays off you back too, though it was too overcast to worry about that.

have fun!
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