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Favorite Furthur Moment of 2011

#110317 2 years, 9 months ago
I have many...

But I would have to say, the Comes a Time in Bethel was probably my favorite for sure. Just to be there, at that place, with a warm breez hitting my face as my mind wondered in psycodelia utopia....and to hear that. It was perfect. Just so beautiful...JK sung it with so much emotion, and well.....the words, ya those incredible beautiful words. WOW!!! Just lintened to it again and it still brought back those feelings.

My favorite moments have always been the ones that involked emotion....not necessarily the ones that I danced the hardest to.

My favorite GD moments brought me to tears.....thats when you know its special. Thats why I know this stuff is special.
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Re: Favorite Furthur Moment of 2011

#110322 2 years, 9 months ago
None of you have a favorite moment???
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Re: Favorite Furthur Moment of 2011

#110323 2 years, 9 months ago
-The Eleven at 11 PM on 11/11/11
-The NYE Show 2010->2011 (Being an east coaster, I can call that a 2011 moment, since the majority of the show occured AFTER midnight on my coast)
-Also from the Bethel show, The Eleven sandwiched in between Slipknot and Franklin's
-In fact, that whole week, seeing Bethel, Spac, Comcast and Vibes....If I could just relive that whole week over and over again.......
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Re: Favorite Furthur Moment of 2011

#110325 2 years, 9 months ago
The Saint Stephen at the Saturday Red Rocks show.
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Re: Favorite Furthur Moment of 2011

#110326 2 years, 9 months ago
2011 has been an amazing year for me...I have Furthur to thank!!!!

I don't know if I could go back and pick my favorite moment. This past year and taken me Furthur than I've gone before. Unforgettable journeys to places I've never imagined I'd go and places I've always wanted to be. Furthur has brought so much joy into my life, its been a long time since I've felt this good! Thank you Furthur for the music, wonderful memories, friendships, and love I will never forget!!

If I had to pick my favorite memory of just 2011 I would say...the whole Alpharetta, GA show....7/31/11. It was my first Furthur show since 2010. I was going through some stuff that I couldn't really get out to see shows. But thankfully everything worked out and I'm back on the road. It was an amazing welcome back show I must say! Seeing that show in Georgia just gave me this incredible feeling of this is where I need to be! And from that moment on I've been going to as many shows as possible. With work and money its not easy but I'm making my dreams come true and am having a blast doing so! You only live once!

Here's to many more memories and journeys. I can't wait to see where 2012 takes me!!!!!!

EDIT: If you are looking for emotional moment....It happened in Eugene this past September. The last night of the Eugene run and they played St. Stephen. I just watched them perform that song like I've never witness before. It was probably the first time I took the time to focus on the stage instead of just letting the music fill my body. What I was watching brought me to tears. Everything I already knew was just confirmed while they played St. Stephen. This band is the BEST! They are a real band who works hard and everyone has a special part they play. And without each and every one of them the music simply would not be what it is! So thankful to have been there at that moment, in that place, in that time! it was perfect....Then they ended the second set with We Bid You Goodnight which still brings tears to my eyes!

Dreams are lies...it's the dreaming that's real!!!!
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Re: Favorite Furthur Moment of 2011

#110333 2 years, 9 months ago
I had bunches but iwould say hearing whats become of the baby and must have been the roses at radio city last year were def highlights .. plus the whole 2 shows and trip were a blast !!!!!
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Re: Favorite Furthur Moment of 2011

#110337 2 years, 9 months ago
Phil's birthday show; the Abbey Road section, starting with You Never Give Me Your Money. We all knew it was coming. 5 songs were played to open Set 2, before the medley. Phil sang Mean Mr. Mustard. There were cupcakes and major celebration going on. John's Italian during Sun King was spot on. The encore was St Stephen > Her Majesty. Different people celebrate their birthdays in all kinds of ways. Phil celebrates his by playing an eight song medley of material never done b4.
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Re: Favorite Furthur Moment of 2011

#110340 2 years, 9 months ago
impossible decision
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Re: Favorite Furthur Moment of 2011

#110345 2 years, 9 months ago
Madison square garden. Made the trex solo . Sitting in section 342. Downed an eighth of shroomage. Sound was not good and the surroundings even worse. So at set break I ended up behind stage. WOW everything fell into place the sound was awesome the energy was even better and Furthur was right on...
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Re: Favorite Furthur Moment of 2011

#110361 2 years, 9 months ago
1) Coming here to gripe about no Midwest summer dates, only to discover that discussion forums aren't horrible, the internet can be a good thing, and that there's a whole lot of wonderful people to meet on line.

2) Finding out I had a 36" vertical ability at hearing the first notes of Terrapin at Indy, even when getting choked up

3) Meeting Ecojaded in Columbus (darn buckeye!) and in Indy, looking up and realizing that FF67, who I wanted to find, was the person ahead of me getting frisked, and slightly freaking out the security guy when we interrupted his routine for a big greeting and hug.

4) Getting THAT feeling again every time I think about a show, a tour or the music.
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