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Re: Coincidence or Conspiracy? Snoop busted after this

#109867 2 years, 9 months ago
Actually, Obama has allowed a bunch of crackdowns on legit dispensaries in California very recently. He has said it would not be a priority, but the feds have been shutting down legit dispensaries in California, as of late. These are the people who pay their taxes and run their companies by the books.

The Mexican cartels, however, who are doing it illegal can continue to get away with it. It's lowered the overall quality of much of the herb, and allows huge outdoor operations to continue. The Mexican cartels have had some of the hugest busts, where even up to hundreds of thousands of plants are seized, but no arrests are even made, and they just come back to the same areas within days, and start planting again! If they would allow the people running their companies by the books, and paying taxes, it can generate a lot of revenue for the state, and keep the black market greatly reduced, but instead, they want to screw over the good guys and make it easier on the unscrupulous bad guys.

Obama has been very disappointing by many standards, and I often wonder if Phil and Bobby still think they should stand by the guy they supported. The only good thing Obama did, according to Bobby in an interview I saw (on youtube I think), is that he brought them together for the campaign, they enjoyed playing together again, and so now we have this wonderful band Furthur! Other than that, I am utterly disappointed with our President!
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