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Re: Owsley

#109821 2 years, 9 months ago
iamthedoor wrote:
Thank you very much grateful dad Ive been wanting to check that out by the way do you know how much the last one you got went for? 2 buckles gifted? You have some amazing friends
My bronze I got when Bear was alive, and I think my buddy paid $650. I am pretty sure now they are like $1050. The silver I was gifted was shortly after his demise, and it was somewhere around $1700 (I think), but they used to be around $1000, before he passed. And yes, I have some pretty awesome friends, thank you!
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Re: Owsley

#110832 2 years, 9 months ago
Here is the response I got about my inquiry into a pendant.

Thanks for contacting us.  As you can imagine, since Bear's passing there has been a lot of interest in Bear's art, and we are still sorting out the inventory and deciding how we are going to proceed with art sales.  We are continuing buckle sales, but we still haven't decided when/whether we will be selling the other pieces.  While we aren't selling any of the other pieces just yet.  We will be selling more of the Pluto and Mars limited edition bronze busts, as well as the bronze wall hangings (large Skull and Lightning-bolts, Moons, and Suns).  We may be brokering some older enamel pieces for a collector; those will be probably the first available enamels/ pendants.  There are some of the Bob Thomas block prints left as well, some signed by Bob and some signed by both Bob and Bear.
There are a number of finished, partially finished, and unfinished pendants in inventory.  We may eventually sell the finished pieces, but not in the near future.  We plan to finish the enamel work and offer those eventually, but we do not anticipate that happening anytime too soon, as we have a lot of things to deal with that are unfortunately more pressing than making art right now.  I (Starfinder) will also be willing to cast some of the small iconic figures from Bear's waxes (owl rings, etc ---the pendant you mentioned would be along those lines, though Bear would undoubtedly recommend a more precious metal for such a casting, and point out that it would be a bit heavy). We will keep all those interested informed as we make decisions about the future disposition of Bear's art in all its forms and we will put you on the list to be notified when we offer other items. 

Here are the current prices for buckles:

Bronze GD buckle: $1025
Silver GD buckle: $1800
Bronze sun or moon buckle (small or large): $850
Silver moon buckle (small): $1500
Silver moon buckle (large): $1800

Let us know if you are interested, and we'll send you the new payment options.  Please indicate how many of which buckles you intend to order so that we can get you on the pre-order list and ensure that the buckles are put aside for you.  Buckles will be sent in the order that payment is received.

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Re: Owsley

#110836 2 years, 9 months ago
Well, I was close! I guess you can tell I didn't pay for mine directly! LOL
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Re: Owsley

#110848 2 years, 9 months ago
If my memory serves me right the buckles were like $250 in 1990 and of course Owsley sold them himself on tour especially next to the Greenpeace booth.
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