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Warmth in our Hearts

#109404 2 years, 9 months ago
An early thaw has the softened the edges of a hard winter's week. The rising sun adds pink details to the high arching clouds. People scurry around in shirtsleeves collecting remaining Christmas decorations, while the truly adventurous wash their cars in the driveway. There is a sense of relief as a second day of clear skies evaporates the water-laden earth.

I come eye to eye with a fat squirrel traveling across a low branch who was using the warm respite to stock up on provisions and fortify his cover. I follow his lead and head to the corner store after clearing out some space in the garage. Deep inside houses I see the dull blue light of TV and computer screens as many remain burrowed in their nests despite the unusual opportunity to flush out the cabin fever. Everybody makes a separate peace with nature.

Some of us wonder if warm winters are harbingers of bad things to come, but I can't put all that in my head today. Today, I want to think that we can overcome our obstacles. We are smart enough to seek necessary solutions. We are reasonable enough to act reasonably. The temperate air gives us optimism and it permeates all our activities. The darkest of nights yields to the brightest of mornings. We all possess an unstoppable spirit if we can learn to access it. Even in the cold of January we will find warmth to sustain our hearts and minds, if we're patient enough to wait for it. Albert Camus said it best.

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."

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