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A 2005 interview with Ratdog keyboardist Jeff C.

#108772 2 years, 9 months ago
Found it interesting


A snippet below. Remember it is 2005 Ratdog.

Livewire: With the obvious relation to the Grateful Dead, what has it been like following-up post Jerry Garcia? Is there a sense of not being able to quite break away from, I don't want to say the mold, but... ?

Jeff: You mean from a Dead standpoint?

Livewire: Yeah.

Jeff: Well, I don't know how they could break away from the mold, so to speak. They were all a part of it, ya know? To me, obviously if Jerry were alive and they were still playing today, I don't think they would've change much of themselves. They're just doing what they knew how to do from all the years of it. I didn't really know, I'm ashamed to say, the Grateful Dead a la Jerry Garcia. I never saw them live. I didn't really know any of their music until I got into Ratdog. I knew of them, obviously, but I never really realized the impact in America that they had, and on music. You know, that was all new and fresh to me. It was amazing, but to see those four guys together, I could hear that history come through. I think they're life-long brothers, and they're just doing what they've always known to do. I don't know if it's about breaking away from that aspect of it without Jerry, but they all do their own thing too. And, maybe that's their breaking away with the Jerry influence and everything. Does that make sense?
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