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Re: Do you fear death?

#108076 2 years, 9 months ago
and really the only thing I do fear is passing away before my beloved husband he could not take it , I would have a hard time losing him first but I love him that much not too leave before him .. I hope we lay in bed together at 100 years old and look at eachother and say I love you did you do everything you wanted and go to sleep to our heaven together ...
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Re: Do you fear death?

#108082 2 years, 9 months ago
Yes, for a long time I've hoped that my wife and I go together.
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Re: Do you fear death?

#108085 2 years, 9 months ago
Merry meet, thanks Lynx for this thread & everyone's provocative posts...
I think for my part it's not so much fear as resentment, for what may be no longer realized... not just that which did not physically manifest, but, all those lost connections presented, past & future, all the possibilities... but then who knows what possiblilites are obscured by our limitations here? Of course my tenuous thoughts are of little consequence here & now I must admit subject to whiims & winds of change.
I'm really grateful for this exchange, shedding light in love.

i learned a lot of love & loss & I'm learning more every day..
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Re: Do you fear death?

#108088 2 years, 9 months ago
Yes, I do. It's the one journey we must all make alone, and we don't know where we're going--if we just cease to exist, if our energy becomes part of the collective, or if we go on to some other place. I'd like to think we don't just end. If you've touched people during your life here, in a sense we never end until the last person who was touched by us dies. I don't want to leave people behind and I don't want to be left behind. I can't imagine anything other more fulfilling than earthly existence.

I die but when the grave shall press
The heart so long endeared to thee
When earthly cares no more distress
And earthly joys are nought to me

Weep not, but think that I have past
Before thee o'er a sea of gloom
Have anchored safe and rest at last
Where tears and mourning cannot come

'Tis I should weep to leave thee here
On the dark Ocean sailing drear
With storms around and fears before
And no kind light to point the shore

But long or short though life may be
'Tis nothing to eternity
We part below to meet on high
Where blissful ages never die

-Emily Bronte
...was staring at the little blotch of sunshine with a special intensity, considering lying down in it.

-JD Salinger
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Re: Do you fear death?

#108093 2 years, 9 months ago
Lynx3000 wrote:
Thank you. many good responses so far. Thank you so much.

I guess, to split hairs here my fellow sailors, it is not so much death that I fear.... as most accounts of death I've heard have been quite pleasurable....

Dead people speak to you too! Cool.

it is the fear of non-existence.... that the next 13.5 billion years might pass like the 13.5 billion years that preceded my birth... with absolutely no memory or participation on my part.

For example, just today I was holding my newborn thinking about the long life she has ahead of her, and simultaneously about how in relatively short order she too will be dead in the ground. It is the curse of the complex and sentient mind we possess. Keep your thoughts coming........
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Re: Do you fear death?

#108265 2 years, 9 months ago
These fears of death and nithingness, I think, is where buddhism is a real comfort. Every thing is a cycle. Our planet's orbit is a cycle. The seasons are a cycle. Life is a cycle. Death and rebirth are a cycle. Except the buddhists' goal is to break free from the pain associated with rebirth... and into nothing/nirvana.

I say become more aware of your surroundings and you will start to see the cycles, and how you, too are a cycle... impermanence is the only real game in town.

There are temples in Indian city sewers devoted to rats- and people go down and feed the rats as an act of compassion, because the rats were (could have been) our cousins and family and loved ones in their previous life. We westerners seem to think the possiblities are just that there's this thing called heaven, or nothingness. THose who believe in reincarnation have it right, I think.
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Re: Do you fear death?

#108268 2 years, 9 months ago
i don't know what i believe in. there is too much to choose from. i don't really fear the actual event of dying i'm more concerned about what i can and can't do once i am "dead".
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Re: Do you fear death?

#108357 2 years, 9 months ago
death is the natural graduation to the next level. its like when your done with one grade, and your goin on to the next, you get nervous cause you dont know what to expect, but it aint like you goin get out of it, so why fear it?
the dumbest thing i have ever seen on phil is timothy learys dead, which ended with TL getting decapitated and have hiss head frozzen. taht shit keeps me up. dont watch the end of that movie, unless you want to see tim get his head decapitated, its fuckd up. still haunts me. not cause i fear death. because i cant believe someone as smart as tim, can really belive in cryogynic suspension. pure nonsense.
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Re: Do you fear death?

#108369 2 years, 9 months ago
not at all...i found that when you accept death, it's a liberating experience...just my 2 cents...
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Re: Do you fear death?

#108375 2 years, 9 months ago
Equinox wrote:
Yes, for a long time I've hoped that my wife and I go together.

We have plans for a quick airplane crash on the way home from a great reef trip when we're in our 90's.
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