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Charlie Sheen
Junior Boarder

Strawberry Fields Forever.........with Fire on top

#10666 3 years, 6 months ago
just sayin'.....it's still ringing through my head as is the rest of the Orlando show........Boca Too !!!!!!

I don't know who ever put Scarlet and Fire together but Orlando is an example of why 'Fire' is a song that deserves it's own platform as it was to open the 2nd set ........which was the start of a Galactical lift-off into the Stratosphere of Strawberry Fields.....which is a place I like to be.
that deep jungle tribal beat of Fire that got the 2nd set goin' is still sending a chill down my spine.......and it feels good.

it's amazing the difference a day can make between the places we went in Orlando compared to the good time dancin' party down in Boca..........bringing back memories of Daze Of Yore !

I'm glad Furthur played at this time of year compared to late Feb. the last time round as there's nothing like FLA in the Spring time.
thanks Furthur...."for a Real Good Time !!!!! "

still wish there was some Chicago Love for Summer Tour but I guess I'll just "get back Truckin' on."
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