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Recent Band Experience story

#10584 3 years ago
Tower theatre, Friday show.

5pm. Crossing 69th/Market, band's van drives slowly by me and I toss a peace sign to the occupants. Got someone or two to wave and return my peace sign. 5 Minutes later, side street along the Tower. Noticed that the bad van didnt arrive at the back door, yet, I beat them there just walking a natural pace.
Looked down the street toward Market. There is the band's van sitting in middel lane unable to make the turn into the alley behind the tower because no one from the venue is around to move the two large wooden horses blocking the street off.
I mosey on down and move those horses myself getting even closer now to the passing band van. Eye contcts smiles and peace signs all around.

Smiley from Texas
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Re: Recent Band Experience story

#10589 3 years ago
thats badass man.

Gotta love it
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Re: Recent Band Experience story

#10598 3 years ago
shoulda asked for a pass before moving the horses haha
If i told ya all that went down,it would burn off both your ears
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